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Workpackage 8

User Interactions


  • Identify and describe use cases for database queries, analysis and representation of results to feed into WP5 and 6 through:
  • Holding user group meetings
  • Generate use reports
  • Assessment of scientific and financial value of current and future databases to users
  • Collate and report on community feedback from Web publications, literature publications and Illustrative study.

Description of work

  • Set up user groups of 6-8 users to establish use cases/scenarios for database queries and representation of query results. Three focus groups will be created covering different research areas, e.g. cancer, immunology, cardio-vascular diseases, development. This information will feed forward into Wps 4, 5 and 7 through the generation of use reports. The test material will be presented to users in the CASIMIR web site.
  • Collate and analyse user feedback related to database queries and representation of results, and report it to the relevant work packages.
  • Collate and analyse user feedback from the pilot project to the relevant work packages
  • There will be a very close interaction of this WP with the Web services and database coordinator who will assist in translating the biological questions of the users into suitable database queries for access on the CASIMIR web site. One will only get back what one has asked for. Therefore, it is important to understand which question the user has asked and what kind of answer he expects back. Also, it will be crucial to present the results from a database query in a user-friendly way.

Documents for partners and WP members

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