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Workpackage 7

Integration of Biological collections and material resources into the data network


  • To establish which types of biological material and resources might be usefully linked - for example mice, frozen sperm and embryos, cell lines, clones, eg. BACS, libraries, DNA and both macro- and micro-arrays.
  • To establish how these might be described and integrated into the data network.
  • To establish if the Community would perceive value in resource integration: is there value in a one stop shop?
  • To examine business models developed by existing Resource centers and assess their application to databases.

Description of work

  • Following the information obtained from PRIME further direct contacts will be made with resource centers to establish interaction directly
  • The organisation and database working practices of different resource centres will be assessed specifically with regard to the description of the resources in an attempt to establish how these might be searched from a wide variety of different starting points. This will be coordinated with WP4 which looks at data semantics, WP5, and WP6 as IPR issues are a particular concern for distribution of material resources.
  • Some resource centers have implemented (or are trying to), a "cost-recovery" business model that enables financial sustainability for their core activities. This WP will assess how the lessons learned might be applied to database sustainability.
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