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Workpackage 6

Data acquisition, curation and ownership


  • Assessment and recommendation as to control of data quality
  • Financial and scientific assessment of curation practices in existing databases
  • Investigation of the effect of IPR issues on database submissions
  • Recommendations on how encouragement might be provided to overcome these problems

Description of work

The quality of data, systems set up to validate data and its mode of curation are all issues which will influence the readiness with which the community will use databases and hence their viability, both financially and scientifically. In addition barriers to the free flow of information into databases generated by perceived IPR issues are also important if databases are to form the core repository of our knowledge about model organisms. Starting with the data collected under WP4, this workpackage will:
  • Examine current practice in existing databases regarding data quality assurance, traceability, provenance and reach a community consensus of best practice.
  • Assess the range of curatorial practices and annotation strategies and their costs and compare the advantages and disadvantages of human expert curation and annotation with respect to the aims of the database
  • Gather information concerning IPR concerns from the Participants and other stakeholders, compare practices between different funding agencies, companies and institutions and conduct round table talks specifically aimed at bringing together representatives of all these groups to discuss a common approach to IPR constraints on data submission. This will be supported by EMBL Enterprise Management Technology Transfer GmbH.
  • Recommendations as to how the community might be persuaded to contribute at least publicly funded data to public databases.
  • Investigate the potential for public/private domains in large databases as a potential source of funding with Biotech SMEs and the Pharma participants.
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