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Workpackage 5

Technical issues concerning database compatibility and interoperability


  • Assessment of technical, non-semantic, aspects of database interoperability as a barrier to scientific and financial sustainability.
  • Assessment of most successful methods to remove these barriers
  • Assessment of distributed architectures to enable federated data access.

Description of work

Taking the data reported from PRIME and supported by the Web services and Database co-ordinator and invited external expert opinion if necessary, this work package will:
  • Assess the best strategy for technical integration: A central database with data migration from distributed resources, federated, interoperable databases, or a GRID approach. Limitations of interoperability.
  • Consider input from WP8 use case analysis study to assess how community requirements can be best met.
  • Assess sustainability of databases over time under changing conditions, their flexibility, operating systems, computing provision and network provision.
  • Assess the extent to which database management shows good practice across Europe
  • Invite technical personnel from participants and other databases to WP meetings to discuss technical barriers.
  • Assess the need for a standard data format for import and export of data and computational results across different databases and the relation of computed results to other data types.
  • Assess the ability of databases to meet requirements for data mining techniques; different data mining techniques require different database interfaces.
  • Investigate the structure, location and current use of quantitative data, for example that relating to QTL (quantitative trait locus) analysis.
  • Investigate current availability of computational resources and the need for expansion
  • Investigate methods for making computational resources available for example GRID technology. Cost effectiveness of distributed computing.
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