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Workpackage 3

International Advisory Group

Data resources and funding are by their nature international so in order to connect CASIMIR with activities outside Europe the Project has appointed a distinguished International Advisory Group.


  • Formation of IAG, definition of its remit and coordination of its activities with the Work packages
  • Two meetings of the IAG with the Partners
  • Consultation with the IAG on experience of sustainability problems outside Europe. Models for database funding and integration, approaches to linking international databases with a future European network.
  • Feedback from the IAG on the progress and strategy of CASIMIR.

Description of work

TA core group of scientists representing major mouse biology or genomics centers around the world have been identified. Between them they will be able to advise on how the problems of sustainability are approached in their programmes, discuss financial models and advise on how an integrated European network might relate technically to the rest of the world. It will meet initially at the beginning of the project and then annually in conjunction with General Assembly and Annual meetings to discuss issues raised throughout the life of the project.
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