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Workpackage 2

Public meetings and Dissemination

Workpackage 2 is concerned with publicity, the CASIMIR web site and all publicity for the project. In addition the Annual Open meeting of CASIMIR will be run through this WP.


  • Web portal development
  • Web Portal maintenance
  • Direct mailings and information dissemination through publications and other web sites.
  • Large Public meetings (AM)

Description of work

This work package marks the beginning of Phase 1 of the project: information gathering.
  • A website, developed and maintained by the Web and database coordinator, will be rapidly deployed on initiation of the project to disseminate information. Using this as infrastructure it will then be developed as a portal for interactions with the wider community; dissemination of reports, in support of co-ordination of out reach activities of the other work packages
  • The community will be alerted to the existence of the project through direct targeted mailings and through notices posted on appropriate web sites. A publication outlining the aims of the project will be produced
  • There will be a large public annual networking and dissemination meeting (AM) held around months 10, 21 and 33 of the project. The budget for this will be held by the Coordinator who will be responsible for the organization . It is anticipated that around 100 to 120 people from Europe and beyond will attend this meeting. Where possible all travel and venue costs for the named Participants will be met from the budget. There may have to be a small per delegate charge for non-consortium attendees but the budget will cover the venue costs for this group. All partners and participants will attend the meeting, but the meeting will be open to the broad scientific community and specific key speakers will be invited from outside the programme.

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