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Workpackage 1

Management, Coordination and General Assemblies

Workpackage 1 contains all of the administrative, reporting and management aspects of the project, together with coordination of the Scientific Steering Committee.


  • Co-ordination of partners and participants once per year to meet in General Assembly at the Annual Meeting.
  • Coordination and assistance with administration of work package networking meetings
  • Coordination across work packages for production of reports
  • Coordination of Scientific steering committee
  • Reporting to Commission
  • Financial management

Description of work

  • This work package forms the central administrative and coordination WP of the project. The administrative burden will be shared between the Co-ordinator, UCAM and MRC-MGU.
  • All partners and participants will meet once a year for detailed cross-cutting and critical examination of the project, reporting and networking. (General Assembly) at the Annual Meeting
  • Support of the organization and financial management of each WP by the Project Office consisting of the Project Manager, UCAM and MRC-MGU.
  • Financial and scientific reporting of each WP and the overall reporting to the Commission.
  • Formation of and co-ordination with the International Advisory Group (IAG).

Documents for partners and WP members

Please email if you would like to get access to any of the documents below.

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