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WP7 CASIMIR Network Meeting - IEEE/BIBE Meeting

10th Oct 2008
Athens Greece

Presentations from the meeting are available for download by clicking on the links in the programme below.


Friday, 10 October, 2008, 11.30-13.00

Room: Templar’s

CASIMIR-Database Interoperability and Ontologies
Chairs: V. Aidinis/GR, P. N. Schofield/UK

CASIMIR: Coordination and Sustainability of International Mouse Informatics Resources
J. M. Hancock, P.N. Schofield, C. Chandras, M. Zouberakis, V. Aidinis, D. Smedley, N. Rosenthal, K. Schughart, The CASIMIR Consortium;

caBIGTM: Opportunities and Challenges to Creating a Federated Global Network of Interoperable Information Systems
G. A. Komatsoulis; National Cancer Institute Center for Biomedical Informatics and Information Technology/USA

Database Interoperability through Web Services and Ontologies
T. Sellis, D. Skoutas, K. Staikos

Towards Dynamic Database Infrastructures for Mouse Genetics
M. A. Swertz, D. Smedley, K. Wolstencroft, R. Alberts, M. Zouberakis, V. Aidinis, K. Schughart, P. Schofield, R. C. Jansen, The CASIMIR Consortium

The Mouse Resource Browser (MRB) – A Near-Complete Registry of Mouse Resources.
M. Zouberakis, C. Chandras, J. M. Hancock, P.N. Schofield, V. Aidinis

Using Bio-ontologies as Data Annotation, Integration & Analytical Tools at the Mouse Genome Informatics Resource
V. Anagnostopoulos, J. A. Blake, C. J. Bult, M. Ringwald, J. E. Richardson, J. A. Kadin, J. T. Eppig

One Medicine: Integrating Mouse and Human Disease Phenotypes
P. N. Schofield, G. V. Gkoutos, J. Sundberg, J. M. Hancock, The CASIMIR Consortium

Digital Preservation – Financial Sustainability of Biological Data and Material Resources
C. Chandras, T. Weaver, M. Zouberakis, J. M. Hancock, P. N. Schofield, V. Aidinis

Friday, 10 October, 2008, 15.30-17.30

Room: Alexander

WP7 CASIMIR Network Meeting
Round Table (Dr. P. Schofield/UK, Dr. J. Hancock/UK, Dr. M. Swertz/NL, Dr. V. Aidinis/GR, Dr.
C. Chandras/GR and Mr. M. Zouberakis/GR)
Additional material:

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