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MOLGENIS integration demo for JAX Mouse Phenome Database

This page holds supplementary materials on the MOLGENIS web service wrappers for the JAX Mouse Phenome Database:


The MOLGENIS for the Mouse Phenome Database was created as part of a CASIMIR pilot studie to demonstrate how (parts of) existing databases can be made accessible in a standardized way using the MOLGENIS toolkit, BioMART and Taverna. The generation of MOLGENIS web services eases integration and interoperation using standard workflow tools like Taverna. The pilot has been described in a recently submitted paper (expect details soon).


The MOLGENIS wrapping resulted in the following results:


The following materials have been used:


The MOLGENIS wrapper around the Mouse Phenome Data has been generated as follows:
  1. The MPD data was downloaded as files from the MPD downloadcenter:

  2. The structure of, and relationships between, these files was described in MOLGENIS little language as shown here:
    This definition was checked against MPD documentation: .

  3. From this description the working software was generated using the open source MOLGENIS generator.

    The principle of this strategy is described in Swertz & Jansen (2007) Nature Reviews Genetics 8, p235-243:

    A simplified demonstrator (without "APIs") showing how that works is available here:

  4. The data was imported from files using the programmatic interface of the generated software.
    This required a file like this:

    Note: currently only the SNPs from the and Celera have been imported. Other SNP sources will follow.

NOTE: this tool is for demonstration purposes. It can be used to support your research but be aware that there may be errors. *The user interface was not designed to handle large data and can take up to a minute on first usage.

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