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The Mouse Resource Browser (MRB) – A near-complete registry of mouse resources

Abstract—The Mouse Resource Browser MRB ( is an easy-to-use database for searching and retrieving mouse resource information. Currently, MRB hosts a list of 200 mouse resources which are divided in 33 different categories. Apart from core information such as URL(s), contact information and free text descriptions of domain content, MRB holds valuable technical information for each resource; server technology used, relational database management system(s) utilized, programming language(s) of implementation, schema descriptive documents or actual database dumps and most importantly information about the integration and interoperability services provided. MRB also hosts an index of ontologies – both OBO and non-OBO – and minimum information standards for biological investigations. Moreover, MRB has implemented the maturity scheme developed by the CASIMIR consortium and attempts to assess resources accordingly. Ultimately MRB"s goal is to provide a complete registry of mouse resources and their programmatic accessibility methods.

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