Briefing Paper:  - Legal Issues on Phenotype Data Accessibility

In November 2009 the Interphenome and International Mouse Phenoytping Cnsortium groups met with CASIMIR to discuss the issues of licensing phenotype data gathered and integrated from a set of dis ... more

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Database & Bioresource Sustainability Models - Rome 11th – 12th November 2009

On 11th and 12th November CASIMIR hosted a meeting in Rome to examine the issue of long-term, primarily financial, sustainability for databases and biorepositories – mainly, but not exclusively ... more

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CASIMIR Report of data and resource sharing for mouse functional genomics -

Sharing the fruits of research in the biomedical sciences is critical for the advance of knowledge, yet with the advent of large-scale data gathering following the completion of the genome projec ... more

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Data Sharing in Mouse Functional Genomics - Rome, 20-22 May 2009

The CASIMIR meeting on Data and Resource Sharing in mouse functional genomics took place in Rome between 21-23 May 2009. The meeting brought to together representatives of funding agencies and sc ... more

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Second CASIMIR Annual Meeting 2008 - Nobel Forum, Stockholm, 1-3rd December 2008

Programme and presentations from the Second CASIMIR Symposium; `One Medicine, One Pathology` held at the Nobel Forum at the Karolinska Institute, Stockholm 1-3 December 2008. The Programme for ... more

Last updated: 2009-03-30 18:14:02+01 - Ontology resources for mouse functional genomics

The CASIMIR resources page is now available and contains useful information on ontologies and resources for mouse biology, genetics and functional genomics: ... more

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Press Release - Launch of CASIMIR project at first General Assembly meeting in Corfu

Friday, October 12, 2007 A computer for your mouse! New initiative to create seamless network of genetic information launched. A new international consortium aimed at link ... more

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