Partners -

PartnerPrincipal scientific personnel involved ... more

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Workpackages - Overview

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Project Management Structure -

The management of the Project will be actively undertaken by the Co-ordinator and the Project Management Committee. ... more

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Workpackage 1 - Management, Coordination and General Assemblies

Workpackage 1 contains all of the administrative, reporting and management aspects of the project, together with coordination of the Scientific Steering Committee. Objectives Co ... more

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Workpackage 2 - Public meetings and Dissemination

Workpackage 2 is concerned with publicity, the CASIMIR web site and all publicity for the project. In addition the Annual Open meeting of CASIMIR will be run through this WP. Objectives ... more

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Workpackage 3 - International Advisory Group

Data resources and funding are by their nature international so in order to connect CASIMIR with activities outside Europe the Project has appointed a distinguished International Advisory Group. ... more

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Workpackage 4 - Data representation

WP4 marks the beginning of the technical part of Phase 2 of the Project and will assess the data collected during the consultation phase concerning data representation, ontologies and semantics. ... more

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Workpackage 5 - Technical issues concerning database compatibility and interoperability

Objectives Assessment of technical, non-semantic, aspects of database interoperability as a barrier to scientific and financial sustainability.Assessment of most succes ... more

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Workpackage 6 - Data acquisition, curation and ownership

Objectives Assessment and recommendation as to control of data qualityFinancial and scientific assessment of curation practices in existing databasesInvestigati ... more

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Workpackage 7 - Integration of Biological collections and material resources into the data network

Objectives To establish which types of biological material and resources might be usefully linked - for example mice, frozen sperm and embryos, cell lines, clones, eg. BACS, libr ... more

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Workpackage 8 - User Interactions

Objectives Identify and describe use cases for database queries, analysis and representation of results to feed into WP5 and 6 through:Holding user group meetings ... more

Last updated: 2007-06-04 21:03:32+01

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