Briefing Paper:  - Legal Issues on Phenotype Data Accessibility

In November 2009 the Interphenome and International Mouse Phenoytping Cnsortium groups met with CASIMIR to discuss the issues of licensing phenotype data gathered and integrated from a set of dis ... more

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Digital Preservation – Financial Sustainability of Biological Data and Material Resources -

Abstract—Following the technological advances that have enabled genome-wide analysis in most model organisms over the last ten years, there has been unprecedented growth in genome and post-geno ... more

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The Mouse Resource Browser (MRB) – A near-complete registry of mouse resources -

Abstract—The Mouse Resource Browser MRB ( is an easy-to-use database for searching and retrieving mouse resource information. Currently, MRB hosts a list of 200 mous ... more

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Towards dynamic database infrastructures for mouse genetics -

Abstract—A growing array of biotechnologies is being used to study the genetics of complex biomolecular traits in laboratory mice as models for human disease. Combined analysis of these dataset ... more

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CASIMIR: Coordination and Sustainability of International Mouse Informatics Resources -

The need for integration of data sets is well established in the computer science, bioinformatics and high throughput biology communities. However it is less well-established amongst bench biolog ... more

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Integrating information from EU-funded mouse functional genomics projects: a questionnaire-based analysis -

Abstract. In recent years the European Commission has funded an increasing number of functional genomics projects aimed at using the mouse as a model of human disease. Many of these projects ... more

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MOLGENIS integration demo for JAX Mouse Phenome Database -

This page holds supplementary materials on the MOLGENIS web service wrappers for the JAX Mouse Phenome Database: Introductio ... more

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Press releases -

Launch of CASIMIR project at first General Assembly meeting in Corfu ... more

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