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Data Sharing in Mouse Functional Genomics - Rome, 20-22 May 2009

Background documents for CASIMIR Data Sharing Workshop Community Policies: Bermuda Sequencing Principles ... more

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Database description framework -

As part of the remit of CASIMIR to develop and disseminate standards for mouse informatics, a cross-workpackage discussion in conjunction with the ENFIN project has developed a series of “be ... more

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Ontologies - Links to ontologies and information about ontologies

i-mouse: Ontology Resources for Mouse functional genomics: MAT - Minimum Anatomy Terminology See files below. CTO2EMAPA - A file mapping cell types (from the CTO ... more

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Presentations and materials for the ICGEB meeting in Trieste November 2008 -

Programme Download as PDF Presentations from John Hancock and Paul Scho ... more

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Useful Databases - Links

Mouse-Related General The Jackson Laboratory Homepage: Research, Resources, JAX Mice, Career Opportunities, Programs http://phenome. ... more

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Related Projects -


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Web service technologies - Links to useful technologies relevant to the project

SOAP SOAP Specification: AXIS - Java platform for creating web services: DAS BioDAS: Ensembl DAS: ... more

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