format-version: 1.0 date: 12:0:2009 17:44 saved-by: jonathanbard auto-generated-by: COBrA 1.2 typeref: http\:// default-namespace: http\:// o [Term] id: MAT:0000342 name: somatic nervous system namespace: http\:// alt_id: WBbt:0005760 relationship: broader MAT:0000026 [Term] id: MAT:0000195 name: DNA virus namespace: http\:// relationship: broader MAT:0000194 [Term] id: MAT:0000235 name: petal namespace: http\:// alt_id: PO:0009032 relationship: broader MAT:0000009 [Term] id: MAT:0000212 name: neurohemal organ namespace: http\:// alt_id: FBbt:00005757 alt_id: TADS:0000245 synonym: "neurohaemal organ" [] relationship: broader MAT:0000021 [Term] id: MAT:0000397 name: neurula stage namespace: http\:// alt_id: XAO:1000006 relationship: broader MAT:0000391 [Term] id: MAT:0000525 name: histoblast namespace: http\:// alt_id: FBbt:00001789 is_a: MAT:0000019 [Term] id: MAT:0000289 name: amygdala namespace: http\:// alt_id: EV:0100189 alt_id: FMAID:61841 alt_id: MA:0000887 alt_id: SAEL:4 relationship: broader MAT:0000105 [Term] id: MAT:0000509 name: visual cortex namespace: http\:// alt_id: FMAID:236871 alt_id: EV:0100469 alt_id: MA:0000914 synonym: "striate cortex" [] relationship: broader MAT:0000507 [Term] id: MAT:0000507 name: occipital lobe namespace: http\:// alt_id: FMAID:67325 alt_id: EV:0100170 relationship: broader MAT:0000421 [Term] id: MAT:0000302 name: skeletal muscle namespace: http\:// alt_id: BFBbt:00003259 alt_id: EV:0100377 alt_id: FMAID:5022 alt_id: SAEL:94 alt_id: XAO:0000174 alt_id: EHDAA:5031 alt_id: EMAPA:17745 related_synonym: "adult somatic muscle" [] related_synonym: "muscle organ - human" [] synonym: "skeletal muscle system" [] relationship: broader MAT:0000025 [Term] id: MAT:0000034 name: artery namespace: http\:// alt_id: EV:0100026 alt_id: FMAID:50720 alt_id: MA:0000061 alt_id: MFO:0002900 alt_id: MP:0002191 alt_id: ZFA:0000005 alt_id: XAO:0000114 alt_id: TAO:0000005 alt_id: EHDAA:396 alt_id: EMAPA:16201 synonym: "arterial system" [] relationship: broader MAT:0000016 [Term] id: MAT:0000200 name: cranial ganglion namespace: http\:// alt_id: EV:0100182 alt_id: MA:0000184 alt_id: MA:0000214 alt_id: MP:0001081 alt_id: ZFA:0000013 alt_id: WBbt:0005135 alt_id: TAO:0000013 alt_id: EHDAA:920 alt_id: EMAPA:16659 broad_synonym: "basasl nucleus" [] synonym: "head ganglion" [] synonym: "cranial ganglia" [] relationship: broader MAT:0000098 relationship: broader MAT:0000343 [Term] id: MAT:0000121 name: urethra namespace: http\:// alt_id: EV:0100099 alt_id: FMAID:19667 alt_id: MA:0000379 alt_id: MP:0000537 alt_id: WBbt:0005777 alt_id: XAO:0000153 alt_id: EMAPA:18692 related_synonym: "excretory duct" [] relationship: broader MAT:0000027 [Term] id: MAT:0000244 name: segment - embryonic namespace: http\:// alt_id: FBbt:00000154 relationship: broader MAT:0000019 [Term] id: MAT:0000116 name: olfactory lobe namespace: http\:// alt_id: EV:0100173 alt_id: FMAID:77624 alt_id: SAEL:75 alt_id: ZFA:0000402 alt_id: EHDAA:5480 alt_id: EMAPA:17778 related_synonym: "olfactory bulb" [] relationship: broader MAT:0000105 [Term] id: MAT:0000493 name: ventral namespace: http\:// relationship: broader MAT:0000483 [Term] id: MAT:0000526 name: colon namespace: http\:// alt_id: EV:0100079 alt_id: FMAID:14543 alt_id: MA:0000335 alt_id: SAEL:22 alt_id: ZFA:0000706 alt_id: XAO:0000243 alt_id: EMAPA:18939 broad_synonym: "posterior intestine - zebrafish" [] relationship: broader MAT:0000046 [Term] id: MAT:0000051 name: stomach namespace: http\:// alt_id: EV:0100070 alt_id: FMAID:7148 alt_id: MA:00000353 alt_id: MFO:0003120 alt_id: MP:0000470 alt_id: SAEL:102 alt_id: TGMA:0001041 alt_id: XAO:0000128 alt_id: TADS:0000172 alt_id: EHDAA:2993 alt_id: EMAPA:17021 alt_id: AAO:0000579 relationship: broader MAT:0000018 [Term] id: MAT:0000393 name: blood vessel namespace: http\:// alt_id: EV:0100456 alt_id: MFO:0002960 alt_id: SAEL:9 alt_id: TAO:0001079 synonym: "vessel" [] synonym: "vasculature" [] relationship: broader MAT:0000016 [Term] id: GO:0000001 name: namespace: http\:// is_obsolete: true [Term] id: MAT:0000306 name: spore - sexual namespace: http\:// alt_id: FAO:0000019 relationship: broader MAT:0000002 [Term] id: MAT:0000421 name: telencephalon namespace: http\:// alt_id: FMAID:6200 alt_id: ZFA:0000079 alt_id: TAO:0000079 alt_id: MFO:0002300 alt_id: MA:0000183 alt_id: XAO:0000012 alt_id: EHDAA:3496 alt_id: EMAPA:16910 relationship: broader MAT:0000105 [Term] id: MAT:0000309 name: gram-negative eubacterium namespace: http\:// relationship: broader MAT:0000191 [Term] id: MAT:0000118 name: mesonephros - adult namespace: http\:// def: "The functioning kidney in fish and amphibia" [] alt_id: MFO:0003300 alt_id: ZFA:0000529 alt_id: XAO:0000154 alt_id: TAO:0000529 related_synonym: "kidney - fish" [] synonym: "mesonephrpric kidney" [] relationship: broader MAT:0000027 [Term] id: MAT:0000293 name: body part namespace: http\:// alt_id: EV:0100008 alt_id: FMAID:67504 alt_id: XAO:0003013 alt_id: TAO:0001308 related_synonym: "anatomical site" [] related_synonym: "subdivision of cardinal body part" [] synonym: "organism subdivision" [] relationship: broader MAT:0000001 [Term] id: MAT:0000186 name: penis namespace: http\:// alt_id: EV:0100107 alt_id: FBbt:00004852 alt_id: FMAID:9707 alt_id: MA:0000408 alt_id: MP:0005187 alt_id: SAEL:80 alt_id: EHDAA:9380 alt_id: EMAPA:18682 relationship: broader MAT:0000029 [Term] id: MAT:0000388 name: Dictyostelium discoideum (DDANA) namespace: http\:// relationship: broader MAT:0000387 [Term] id: MAT:0000214 name: megaspore namespace: http\:// alt_id: PO:0020019 relationship: broader MAT:0000004 [Term] id: MAT:0000340 name: cranium namespace: http\:// alt_id: TGMA:0000003 alt_id: EHDAA:6029 alt_id: EMAPA:17680 alt_id: MA:0000316 alt_id: FMAID:87596 alt_id: ZFA:0000737 alt_id: TAO:0000737 synonym: "skeletal system of head" [] synonym: "cranial skeleton" [] relationship: broader MAT:0000017 [Term] id: MAT:0000159 name: pigment namespace: http\:// alt_id: MFO:0003360 alt_id: MP:0002095 alt_id: ZFA:0009090 alt_id: AAO:0000430 related_synonym: "pigmentation" [] synonym: "pigment cells" [] relationship: broader MAT:0000033 [Term] id: MAT:0000000 name: anatomy basic component namespace: http\:// relationship: broader MAT:0000441 [Term] id: MAT:0000123 name: Malpighian tubules namespace: http\:// alt_id: FBbt:00005786 alt_id: TGMA:0001038 alt_id: TADS:0000163 relationship: broader MAT:0000027 [Term] id: MAT:0000188 name: joint namespace: http\:// alt_id: EV:0100142 alt_id: FBbt:00004645 alt_id: FMAID:228659 alt_id: FMAID:7490 alt_id: MA:0000319 alt_id: MP:0002932 alt_id: XAO:0000171 alt_id: TAO:0000367 broad_synonym: "set of all joints" [] relationship: broader MAT:0000032 [Term] id: MAT:0000418 name: hypoblast namespace: http\:// alt_id: TAO:000017 alt_id: ZFA:0000117 alt_id: ZFA:0001136 alt_id: AAO:0000229 synonym: "hypodermis" [] relationship: broader MAT:0000304 [Term] id: MAT:0000114 name: hippocampus namespace: http\:// alt_id: EV:0100180 alt_id: FMAID:62493 alt_id: MA:0000191 alt_id: MP:0000807 alt_id: SAEL:51 alt_id: EMAPA:19148 relationship: broader MAT:0000105 [Term] id: MAT:0000376 name: zebrafish (ZFA) namespace: http\:// relationship: broader MAT:0000373 [Term] id: MAT:0000193 name: archaeobacterium namespace: http\:// relationship: broader MAT:0000190 [Term] id: MAT:0000237 name: seedhead namespace: http\:// relationship: broader MAT:0000009 [Term] id: MAT:0000527 name: definitive endoderm namespace: http\:// alt_id: EHDAA:218 alt_id: EMAPA:16070 alt_id: SAEL:26 relationship: broader MAT:0000304 [Term] id: MAT:0000404 name: sporophyte stage namespace: http\:// alt_id: ZEA:0015177 relationship: broader MAT:0000390 [Term] id: MAT:0000130 name: epididymus namespace: http\:// alt_id: EV:0100103 alt_id: FMAID:18255 alt_id: MA:0000397 alt_id: MP:0002631 alt_id: SAEL:36 alt_id: EMAPA:19290 relationship: broader MAT:0000029 [Term] id: MAT:0000344 name: body ganglion namespace: http\:// alt_id: WBbt:0005332 alt_id: TAO:0001573 synonym: "trunk ganglion" [] relationship: broader MAT:0000343 [Term] id: MAT:0000272 name: rhombomere namespace: http\:// def: "a segment of the rhombencephalon" [] alt_id: EMAPA:16478 alt_id: MFO:0002400 alt_id: ZFA:0001064 related_synonym: "future rhombencephalon" [] related_synonym: "rhombomeres" [] relationship: broader MAT:0000019 [Term] id: MAT:0000255 name: germ ring namespace: http\:// alt_id: ZFA:0000111 relationship: broader MAT:0000304 [Term] id: MAT:0000015 name: fat tissue namespace: http\:// alt_id: EV:0100382 alt_id: FBbt:00005065 alt_id: MA:0000009 alt_id: MP:0000003 alt_id: SAEL:2 synonym: "adipose tissue" [] relationship: broader MAT:0000001 [Term] id: MAT:0000199 name: white fat namespace: http\:// alt_id: MA:0000058 relationship: broader MAT:0000015 [Term] id: MAT:0000174 name: mesoderm namespace: http\:// alt_id: EHDAA:183 alt_id: EMAPA:16071 alt_id: FBbt:00000126 alt_id: SAEL:67 alt_id: ZFA:0000041 alt_id: XAO:0000050 alt_id: EVM:2000312 alt_id: EV:3000143 alt_id: AAO:0000304 relationship: broader MAT:0000304 [Term] id: MAT:0000477 name: tissue modifier namespace: http\:// relationship: broader MAT:0000476 [Term] id: MAT:0000053 name: faeces namespace: http\:// alt_id: FMAID:64183 alt_id: MA:0002509 relationship: broader MAT:0000020 [Term] id: MAT:0000032 name: skeleton namespace: http\:// alt_id: FMAID:23875 alt_id: MA:0000018 alt_id: MP:0005508 alt_id: ZFA:0000434 alt_id: TAO:0000434 alt_id: EHDAA:5047 alt_id: EMAPA:17213 related_synonym: "skeletal system" [] synonym: "skeleton component" [] relationship: broader MAT:0000001 [Term] id: MAT:0000059 name: branchial arch namespace: http\:// alt_id: EHDAA:571 alt_id: EMAPA:16117 alt_id: MP:0002884 alt_id: ZFA:0005004 alt_id: XAO:0000099 alt_id: EVM:2000314 alt_id: EV:3000600 related_synonym: "aortic arch" [] synonym: "pharyngeal arch" [] relationship: broader MAT:0000019 [Term] id: MAT:0000242 name: pharyngeal arch namespace: http\:// alt_id: ZFA:0001306 relationship: broader MAT:0000033 [Term] id: MAT:0000339 name: ventral nerve cord namespace: http\:// alt_id: FBbt:00001102 relationship: broader MAT:0000026 [Term] id: MAT:0000231 name: flower namespace: http\:// alt_id: PO:0009046 relationship: broader MAT:0000009 [Term] id: MAT:0000365 name: wood parenchyma namespace: http\:// alt_id: PO:0004525 relationship: broader MAT:0000363 [Term] id: MAT:0000030 name: respiratory system namespace: http\:// alt_id: EV:0100036 alt_id: FBbt:00005024 alt_id: FMAID:7158 alt_id: MA:0000327 alt_id: MFO:0003160 alt_id: MP:0005388 alt_id: SAEL:90 alt_id: XAO:0000117 alt_id: TADS:0000043 alt_id: TAO:0000272 alt_id: EHDAA:2203 alt_id: EMAPA:16727 alt_id: AAO:0000541 related_synonym: "tracheal system" [] relationship: broader MAT:0000001 [Term] id: MAT:0000363 name: xylem namespace: http\:// alt_id: PO:0005352 relationship: broader MAT:0000009 relationship: broader MAT:0000362 [Term] id: MAT:0000180 name: hatching gland namespace: http\:// alt_id: TAO:0000026 alt_id: ZFA:0000026 relationship: broader MAT:0000021 [Term] id: MAT:0000072 name: gall bladder namespace: http\:// alt_id: EV:0100090 alt_id: FMAID:7202 alt_id: MA:000356 alt_id: MFO:0003020 alt_id: SAEL:44 alt_id: ZFA:0000208 alt_id: XAO:0000135 alt_id: TAO:0000208 alt_id: EHDAA:8062 alt_id: EMAPA:17202 relationship: broader MAT:0000021 relationship: broader MAT:0000024 [Term] id: MAT:0000065 name: limb bud - forelimb namespace: http\:// alt_id: EHDAA:1699 alt_id: EMAPA:16406 broad_synonym: "upper limb bud" [] relationship: broader MAT:0000019 [Term] id: MAT:0000151 name: limb bone namespace: http\:// alt_id: MA:0000688 alt_id: MP:0002115 related_synonym: "limb skeleton" [] relationship: broader MAT:0000090 relationship: broader MAT:0000032 [Term] id: MAT:0000402 name: juvenile stage namespace: http\:// alt_id: EV:0300051 alt_id: XAO:1000010 synonym: "child" [] synonym: "young adult" [] relationship: broader MAT:0000391 [Term] id: MAT:0000484 name: apical namespace: http\:// relationship: broader MAT:0000483 [Term] id: MAT:0000057 name: seminal fluid namespace: http\:// alt_id: FMAID:62967 alt_id: MA:0002523 alt_id: SAEL:93 broad_synonym: "semen" [] relationship: broader MAT:0000020 [Term] id: MAT:0000082 name: parathyroid namespace: http\:// alt_id: EV:0100134 alt_id: FMAID:13890 alt_id: MA:0000128 alt_id: MP:0000678 alt_id: XAO:0000167 alt_id: TAO:0009207 alt_id: EHDAA:3870 alt_id: EHDAA:3864 synonym: "parathyroid secreting cell" [] broad_synonym: "superior parrathyroid" [] broad_synonym: "inferior parathyroid" [] relationship: broader MAT:0000021 [Term] id: MAT:0000216 name: pollen namespace: http\:// alt_id: PO:0020097 related_synonym: "generative cell (male)" [] relationship: broader MAT:0000004 relationship: broader MAT:0000514 [Term] id: MAT:0000160 name: hair namespace: http\:// alt_id: EV:0100157 alt_id: FMAID:53667 alt_id: MA:0000155 alt_id: MP:0000367 alt_id: EMAPA:18769 alt_id: EMAPA:17529 synonym: "vibrissa" [] relationship: broader MAT:0000033 [Term] id: MAT:0000283 name: eyeball namespace: http\:// alt_id: EV:0100337 alt_id: FMAID:12513 alt_id: SAEL:40 alt_id: XAO:0000181 related_synonym: "globe" [] relationship: broader MAT:0000140 [Term] id: MAT:0000067 name: epiblast namespace: http\:// alt_id: EHDAA:75 alt_id: EMAPA:16050 alt_id: MP:0004957 alt_id: ZFA:0000018 alt_id: TAO:0000018 related_synonym: "blastocyst" [] relationship: broader MAT:0000304 [Term] id: MAT:0000218 name: sperm namespace: http\:// alt_id: PO:0000084 related_synonym: "sperm cell" [] relationship: broader MAT:0000004 [Term] id: MAT:0000297 name: neck namespace: http\:// alt_id: EV:0100476 alt_id: FMAID:7155 alt_id: SAEL:70 alt_id: TGMA:0000005 relationship: broader MAT:0000293 [Term] id: MAT:0000132 name: testis namespace: http\:// alt_id: EV:0100102 alt_id: FBbt:00004928 alt_id: FMAID:7210 alt_id: MA:0000411 alt_id: MP:0001146 alt_id: SAEL:104 alt_id: WBbt:0006794 alt_id: ZFA:0000242 alt_id: XAO:0000157 alt_id: TADS:0000461 alt_id: TAO:0000598 alt_id: EHDAA:8146 alt_id: EMAPA:17972 alt_id: AAO:0000606 related_synonym: "male gonad" [] related_synonym: "testicle" [] relationship: broader MAT:0000029 [Term] id: MAT:0000406 name: zygotic stage namespace: http\:// alt_id: PO:0001097 alt_id: GRO:00703 relationship: broader MAT:0000390 [Term] id: MAT:0000206 name: abdominal sensillum namespace: http\:// alt_id: FBbt:00004461 relationship: broader MAT:0000163 [Term] id: MAT:0000098 name: brain namespace: http\:// alt_id: EV:0100164 alt_id: FBbt:00003624 alt_id: FMAID:50801 alt_id: MA:0000168 alt_id: MFO:0002240 alt_id: MP:0002152 alt_id: SAEL:12 alt_id: WBbt:0005440 alt_id: ZFA:0000008 alt_id: TADS:0000188 alt_id: TAO:0000008 alt_id: EHDAA:2641 synonym: "synganglion" [] relationship: broader MAT:0000457 [Term] id: MAT:0000417 name: budding yeast namespace: http\:// relationship: broader MAT:0000387 relationship: broader MAT:0000014 [Term] id: MAT:0000239 name: stem namespace: http\:// alt_id: PO:0009047 relationship: broader MAT:0000009 [Term] id: MAT:0000148 name: axial skeleton namespace: http\:// alt_id: FMAID:71221 alt_id: MA:0000308 alt_id: MP:0002114 alt_id: SAEL:121 alt_id: ZFA:0000317 alt_id: TAO:0000317 alt_id: EHDAA:5049 alt_id: EMAPA:17214 alt_id: AAO:0000034 related_synonym: "vertebral column" [] synonym: "postcranial axia skelton" [] relationship: broader MAT:0000032 [Term] id: MAT:0000176 name: neurectoderm namespace: http\:// def: "The first stage of neural differentiation of ectoderm - it gives rise to the neural and neural crest cells\," [] alt_id: EMAPA:16073 alt_id: FBbt:00000113 alt_id: ZFA:0001120 alt_id: XAO:0000042 related_synonym: "neuaral ectoderm" [] relationship: broader MAT:0000019 [Term] id: MAT:0000516 name: carpel namespace: http\:// alt_id: PO:0009030 relationship: broader MAT:0000514 [Term] id: MAT:0000204 name: head sensillum namespace: http\:// alt_id: FBbt:00004114 relationship: broader MAT:0000163 [Term] id: MAT:0000191 name: eubacterium namespace: http\:// relationship: broader MAT:0000190 [Term] id: MAT:0000044 name: duodenum namespace: http\:// alt_id: EV:0100073 alt_id: FMAID:7206 alt_id: MA:0000338 alt_id: MP:0003271 alt_id: SAEL:31 alt_id: XAO:0000236 alt_id: EHDAA:3830 alt_id: EMAPA:18852 relationship: broader MAT:0000047 [Term] id: MAT:0000019 name: developmental tissue - animal namespace: http\:// alt_id: FBbt:00000052 alt_id: MP:0001672 alt_id: TAO:0001105 synonym: "embryonic structure" [] relationship: broader MAT:0000001 [Term] id: MAT:0000202 name: wing namespace: http\:// alt_id: FBbt:00004729 alt_id: TGMA:0000196 alt_id: TGMA:0000197 synonym: "adult mesothoracic wing" [] synonym: "adult metathoracic wing" [] relationship: broader MAT:0000023 [Term] id: MAT:0000281 name: notochord namespace: http\:// alt_id: EHDAA:1241 alt_id: MFO:0002120 alt_id: SAEL:73 alt_id: EVM:2000181 alt_id: TAO:0000135 alt_id: AAO:0000327 relationship: broader MAT:0000019 [Term] id: MAT:0000295 name: thorax namespace: http\:// alt_id: EV:0100010 alt_id: FBbt:00000015 alt_id: FMAID:9576 alt_id: SAEL:106 alt_id: TGMA:000136 relationship: broader MAT:0000293 [Term] id: MAT:0000134 name: gill namespace: http\:// alt_id: MFO:0003180 alt_id: ZFA:0000354 alt_id: XAO:0000120 alt_id: TAO:0000354 synonym: "external gill" [] relationship: broader MAT:0000030 [Term] id: MAT:0000210 name: corpus allatum namespace: http\:// alt_id: FBbt:00005800 relationship: broader MAT:0000021 [Term] id: MAT:0000146 name: middle ear namespace: http\:// alt_id: EV:0100357 alt_id: FMAID:56513 alt_id: MA:0000253 alt_id: MP:0000049 alt_id: SAEL:69 alt_id: XAO:0000191 alt_id: EHDAA:5693 alt_id: EMAPA:17000 relationship: broader MAT:0000138 [Term] id: MAT:0000512 name: accumbens nucleus namespace: http\:// alt_id: FMAID:61889 alt_id: MA:0000892 relationship: broader MAT:0000450 [Term] id: MAT:0000285 name: digit namespace: http\:// alt_id: SAEL:29 alt_id: XAO:0003036 alt_id: XAO:0003035 synonym: "forelimb digit" [] synonym: "hindlimb digit" [] relationship: broader MAT:0000090 [Term] id: MAT:0000162 name: dorsal root ganglion namespace: http\:// alt_id: EHDAA:2899 alt_id: EMAPA:16668 alt_id: FMAID:5888 alt_id: MA:0000232 alt_id: SAEL:30 alt_id: WBbt:0005189 alt_id: ZFA:0000200 alt_id: EVM:2000213 alt_id: TAO:0000200 alt_id: EMAPA:18372 related_synonym: "spinal ganglion" [] relationship: broader MAT:0000019 relationship: broader MAT:0000343 [Term] id: MAT:0000502 name: diaphragm namespace: http\:// alt_id: FMAID:13295 alt_id: EHDAA:4104 alt_id: EMAPA:17701 alt_id: EV:0100376 synonym: "future diaphragm" [] relationship: broader MAT:0000030 [Term] id: MAT:0000076 name: islet of Langerhans namespace: http\:// alt_id: EV:0100130 alt_id: MA:0000127 alt_id: MP:0005215 alt_id: SAEL:79 alt_id: XAO:0000159 alt_id: EMAPA:19246 related_synonym: "pancreatic islet" [] relationship: broader MAT:0000075 [Term] id: MAT:0000521 name: plant zygote namespace: http\:// alt_id: PO:0000423 synonym: "zygote" [] relationship: broader MAT:0000518 [Term] id: MAT:0000155 name: ectoderm namespace: http\:// relationship: broader MAT:0000033 [Term] id: MAT:0000346 name: stomatal complex namespace: http\:// alt_id: PO:0002000 relationship: broader MAT:0000234 [Term] id: MAT:0000011 name: mycelium namespace: http\:// alt_id: FAO:0000011 relationship: broader MAT:0000002 [Term] id: MAT:0000299 name: bone namespace: http\:// alt_id: EV:0100140 alt_id: FMAID:30317 alt_id: SAEL:10 alt_id: XAO:0000169 alt_id: TAO:0001514 relationship: broader MAT:0000032 [Term] id: MAT:0000041 name: tooth namespace: http\:// alt_id: EV:0100063 alt_id: FMAID:12516 alt_id: MA:0000348 alt_id: SAEL:112 alt_id: ZFA:0000644 alt_id: XAO:0000431 alt_id: EHDAA:8009 alt_id: EMAPA:17938 related_synonym: "dental plate" [] relationship: broader MAT:0000038 [Term] id: MAT:0000287 name: appendix namespace: http\:// alt_id: EV:0100080 alt_id: FMAID:14542 alt_id: MA:00001540 alt_id: SAEL:7 relationship: broader MAT:0000046 [Term] id: MAT:0000276 name: phyllid namespace: http\:// def: "leaf of a moss or liverwort" [] relationship: broader MAT:0000004 relationship: broader MAT:0000234 relationship: broader MAT:0000009 [Term] id: MAT:0000153 name: dermis namespace: http\:// alt_id: EV:0100154 alt_id: FMAID:70323 alt_id: MA:0000152 alt_id: MP:0001243 alt_id: SAEL:27 alt_id: ZFA:0001119 alt_id: XAO:0000217 alt_id: EMAPA:17527 alt_id: AAO:0000128 relationship: broader MAT:0000033 [Term] id: MAT:0000415 name: radicle namespace: http\:// alt_id: PO:0020031 relationship: broader MAT:0000006 [Term] id: MAT:0000400 name: larval stage namespace: http\:// alt_id: XAO:1000008 alt_id: FBdv:00005336 alt_id: WBIs:0000023 synonym: "tadpole stage" [] relationship: broader MAT:0000391 [Term] id: MAT:0000380 name: Drosophila (FBbt) namespace: http\:// relationship: broader MAT:0000374 [Term] id: MAT:0000523 name: amphibia (AAO) namespace: http\:// is_a: MAT:0000373 [Term] id: MAT:0000063 name: gastrula stage namespace: http\:// alt_id: XAO:1000005 alt_id: FBdv:00005317 alt_id: WBIs:0000010 alt_id: EVM:2990009 synonym: "gastrula" [] synonym: "gastrulating mbryo" [] relationship: broader MAT:0000391 [Term] id: MAT:0000077 name: pituitary namespace: http\:// alt_id: EV:0100132 alt_id: FMAID:13889 alt_id: MA:0000127 alt_id: MP:0000633 alt_id: SAEL:83 alt_id: ZFA:0000118 alt_id: XAO:0000161 alt_id: EHDAA:2183 alt_id: EMAPA:16724 related_synonym: "hypophysis" [] relationship: broader MAT:0000021 [Term] id: MAT:0000352 name: root hair namespace: http\:// alt_id: PO:0000256 relationship: broader MAT:0000005 [Term] id: MAT:0000170 name: ejaculatory duct namespace: http\:// alt_id: FBbt:00004965 alt_id: FMAID:19325 alt_id: TADS:0000489 alt_id: EMAPA:19088 relationship: broader MAT:0000029 [Term] id: MAT:0000092 name: zeugopod namespace: http\:// def: "The middle part of the limb (e.g. between the elbow and wrist)" [] alt_id: MA:0002716 broad_synonym: "middle part of limb" [] relationship: broader MAT:0000090 [Term] id: MAT:0000008 name: seed namespace: http\:// alt_id: ZEA:0015178 alt_id: PO:00099010 relationship: broader MAT:0000518 relationship: broader MAT:0000003 [Term] id: MAT:0000312 name: transverse colon namespace: http\:// alt_id: FMAID:14546 relationship: broader MAT:0000526 [Term] id: MAT:0000145 name: inner ear namespace: http\:// alt_id: EV:0100361 alt_id: FMAID:60909 alt_id: MA:0000237 alt_id: MP:0000026 alt_id: SAEL:54 alt_id: ZFA:0000217 alt_id: XAO:0000192 alt_id: TAO:0000217 alt_id: EHDAA:504 alt_id: EMAPA:16194 related_synonym: "internal ear" [] relationship: broader MAT:0000138 [Term] id: MAT:0000503 name: seminiferous tubule namespace: http\:// alt_id: EMAPA:18685 alt_id: EV:0100102 alt_id: MA:0000412 relationship: broader MAT:0000132 [Term] id: MAT:0000317 name: female inflorescence namespace: http\:// alt_id: PO:0020126 alt_id: ZEA:0015084 related_synonym: "ear" [] relationship: broader MAT:0000233 [Term] id: MAT:0000435 name: eVOC human development stage (EV) namespace: http\:// relationship: broader MAT:0000373 [Term] id: MAT:0000323 name: early culminant namespace: http\:// alt_id: DDANAT:0000009 relationship: broader MAT:0000002 [Term] id: MAT:0000505 name: frontal lobe namespace: http\:// alt_id: FMAID:61824 alt_id: EV:0100167 relationship: broader MAT:0000421 [Term] id: MAT:0000291 name: palatine tonsil namespace: http\:// alt_id: EV:0100393 alt_id: FMAID:9610 alt_id: MA:0000775 alt_id: SAEL:77 relationship: broader MAT:0000049 [Term] id: MAT:0000446 name: oropharynx namespace: http\:// alt_id: FMAID:54879 alt_id: MA:0000351 relationship: broader MAT:0000049 [Term] id: MAT:0000333 name: vegetative cell namespace: http\:// alt_id: FAO:0000032 relationship: broader MAT:0000014 [Term] id: MAT:0000061 name: extraembryonic tissue namespace: http\:// alt_id: EMAPA:16042 alt_id: FBbt:00005835 alt_id: MP:0002086 alt_id: SAEL:39 alt_id: ZFA:0000020 related_synonym: "extraembryonic component" [] related_synonym: "extraembryonic structure" [] relationship: broader MAT:0000019 [Term] id: MAT:0000331 name: sporophore namespace: http\:// alt_id: FAO:0000010 relationship: broader MAT:0000002 [Term] id: MAT:0000037 name: vein namespace: http\:// alt_id: EV:0100031 alt_id: FMAID:50723 alt_id: MA:0000066 alt_id: MP:0002725 alt_id: ZFA:0000082 alt_id: XAO:0000115 alt_id: TAO:0000082 alt_id: EHDAA:486 alt_id: EMAPA:16240 synonym: "venous system" [] relationship: broader MAT:0000016 [Term] id: MAT:0000127 name: uterus namespace: http\:// alt_id: EV:0100113 alt_id: FBbt:00004924 alt_id: FMAID:17558 alt_id: MA:0000389 alt_id: MP:0001120 alt_id: SAEL:119 alt_id: WBbt:0006760 alt_id: TADS:0000421 alt_id: EMAPA:18985 related_synonym: "uterine horns" [] synonym: "uterine horn" [] relationship: broader MAT:0000028 [Term] id: MAT:0000439 name: mammalian phenotype (MP) namespace: http\:// relationship: broader MAT:0000373 [Term] id: MAT:0000042 name: anal region namespace: http\:// alt_id: EV:0100082 alt_id: FBbt:00005785 alt_id: FMAID:15703 alt_id: MA:0000328 alt_id: MP:0005034 alt_id: SAEL:5 alt_id: WBbt:0005774 alt_id: ZFA:0000330 alt_id: TGMA:0001279 alt_id: XAO:0000244 alt_id: EMAPA:16831 related_synonym: "anal canal" [] related_synonym: "anal pad" [] related_synonym: "anal region" [] related_synonym: "cloaca" [] related_synonym: "cloacal chamber" [] synonym: "anus" [] relationship: broader MAT:0000046 [Term] id: MAT:0000004 name: gametophyte namespace: http\:// alt_id: PO:0009004 alt_id: ZEA:0015175 relationship: broader MAT:0000003 [Term] id: MAT:0000223 name: cambium namespace: http\:// def: "The layer of active cells between xylem and phloem that gives rise to secondary tissues (e.g. bark)" [] alt_id: PO:0005597 relationship: broader MAT:0000006 relationship: broader MAT:0000009 [Term] id: MAT:0000316 name: male inflorescence namespace: http\:// alt_id: PO:0020136 alt_id: ZEA:0015085 related_synonym: "tassel" [] relationship: broader MAT:0000233 [Term] id: MAT:0000288 name: caecum namespace: http\:// alt_id: EV:0100397 alt_id: FMAID:14541 alt_id: MA:00000334 alt_id: SAEL:15 alt_id: EHDAA:3913 related_synonym: "cecum" [] relationship: broader MAT:0000046 [Term] id: MAT:0000165 name: hermaphrodite gonad namespace: http\:// alt_id: WBbt:0005178 relationship: broader MAT:0000305 [Term] id: MAT:0000518 name: developmental tissue - plant namespace: http\:// relationship: broader MAT:0000003 [Term] id: MAT:0000248 name: thallus namespace: http\:// def: "a primitive plant body of gametophytes that has not differentiated into roots\, stems or leaves" [] relationship: broader MAT:0000004 [Term] id: MAT:0000125 name: ovary - animal namespace: http\:// alt_id: EV:0100111 alt_id: FBbt:00004865 alt_id: FMAID:7209 alt_id: MA:0000384 alt_id: MP:0001126 alt_id: SAEL:76 alt_id: ZFA:0000403 alt_id: XAO:0000258 alt_id: TADS:0000400 alt_id: TAO:0000403 alt_id: EHDAA:8124 alt_id: EMAPA:17962 alt_id: AAO:0000371 relationship: broader MAT:0000028 [Term] id: MAT:0000437 name: fission yeast namespace: http\:// relationship: broader MAT:0000387 relationship: broader MAT:0000014 [Term] id: MAT:0000225 name: shoot meristem - lateral namespace: http\:// alt_id: PO:0006344 relationship: broader MAT:0000006 relationship: broader MAT:0000009 [Term] id: MAT:0000314 name: sigmoid colon namespace: http\:// alt_id: FMAID:14548 relationship: broader MAT:0000526 [Term] id: MAT:0000412 name: influorescence development stages namespace: http\:// alt_id: PO:0001083 relationship: broader MAT:0000390 [Term] id: MAT:0000070 name: tail bud namespace: http\:// alt_id: EHDAA:1595 alt_id: EMAPA:16580 alt_id: ZFA:0000077 alt_id: XAO:0000107 alt_id: EVM:2000066 alt_id: EV:3000627 alt_id: TAO:0000077 relationship: broader MAT:0000019 [Term] id: MAT:0000450 name: basal ganglion namespace: http\:// alt_id: FMAID:84013 alt_id: MA:0000184 synonym: "basal nucleus\]" [] relationship: broader MAT:0000200 relationship: broader MAT:0000105 [Term] id: MAT:0000335 name: yolk namespace: http\:// alt_id: FBbt:00000035 alt_id: MFO:0003700 alt_id: XAO:0000281 alt_id: TAO:0009197 broad_synonym: "vegetal yolk mass" [] synonym: "yolk cell" [] relationship: broader MAT:0000020 [Term] id: MAT:0000046 name: large intestine namespace: http\:// alt_id: EV:0100077 alt_id: FMAID:7201 alt_id: MA:0000333 alt_id: MP:0000489 alt_id: SAEL:58 alt_id: ZFA:0000706 alt_id: TGMA:0001020 alt_id: XAO:0000131 alt_id: EMAPA:19252 narrow_synonym: "posterior intestine" [] synonym: "hindgut" [] relationship: broader MAT:0000043 [Term] id: MAT:0000079 name: salivary gland namespace: http\:// alt_id: FBbt:00005382 alt_id: FMAID:9597 alt_id: MA:0000346 alt_id: MP:0000613 alt_id: SAEL:92 alt_id: TGMA:0001804 alt_id: TADS:0000119 alt_id: EHDAA:7987 alt_id: EMAPA:17751 relationship: broader MAT:0000021 [Term] id: MAT:0000208 name: spiracle namespace: http\:// alt_id: FBbt:00005054 alt_id: TGMA:0000578 alt_id: TADS:0000524 synonym: "spiracular gland" [] relationship: broader MAT:0000030 [Term] id: MAT:0000006 name: meristem namespace: http\:// def: "Undifferentiated plant issue - the botanical equivalent of animal stem cells" [] alt_id: PO:0009013 relationship: broader MAT:0000518 relationship: broader MAT:0000003 [Term] id: MAT:0000056 name: milk namespace: http\:// alt_id: EV:0100126 alt_id: FMAID:62100 alt_id: MA:0002552 alt_id: EV:3000460 relationship: broader MAT:0000020 [Term] id: MAT:0000433 name: Xenopus anatomy and development (XAO) namespace: http\:// relationship: broader MAT:0000373 [Term] id: MAT:0000456 name: fat body sensu amphibia namespace: http\:// def: "An adipose tissue associated with the amphibiian gonad" [] alt_id: AAO:0000157 synonym: "Fat_bodies" [] relationship: broader MAT:0000015 relationship: broader MAT:0000027 [Term] id: MAT:0000143 name: omatidium namespace: http\:// alt_id: FBbt:00004510 relationship: broader MAT:0000140 [Term] id: MAT:0000073 name: mammary gland namespace: http\:// alt_id: EV:0100125 alt_id: FMAID:62088 alt_id: MA:0000145 alt_id: MP:0000627 alt_id: SAEL:64 alt_id: EHDAA:6522 alt_id: EMAPA:17759 related_synonym: "lactiferous gland" [] relationship: broader MAT:0000021 [Term] id: MAT:0000100 name: PNS - sympathetic namespace: http\:// alt_id: EV:0100374 alt_id: FMAID:9906 alt_id: MA:0000225 alt_id: MP:0001007 alt_id: ZFA:0000142 alt_id: XAO:0000211 alt_id: TAO:0001576 alt_id: EHDAA:3769 alt_id: EMAPA:16985 related_synonym: "sympathetic chain" [] synonym: "sympathetic nervous system" [] relationship: broader MAT:0000338 [Term] id: MAT:0000379 name: teleost (TAO) namespace: http\:// relationship: broader MAT:0000373 [Term] id: MAT:0000510 name: globus pallidus namespace: http\:// alt_id: FMAID:61835 alt_id: EV:0100188 alt_id: MA:0000890 relationship: narrower MAT:0000450 [Term] id: MAT:0000454 name: pericardium namespace: http\:// alt_id: EV:0100023 alt_id: FMAID:9869 alt_id: EMAPA:17174 alt_id: EHDAA:5376 alt_id: ZFA:0000054 synonym: "pericardial sac" [] relationship: broader MAT:0000036 [Term] id: MAT:0000387 name: fungus (FAO) namespace: http\:// relationship: broader MAT:0000371 [Term] id: MAT:0000096 name: fat body sensu invertebrata namespace: http\:// def: "An invertebrate tissue which serves as a store of lipids and in \nwhich a great deal of catabolic and anabolic activity occurs" [] alt_id: FBbt:00005066 alt_id: TGMA:0001856 alt_id: TADS:0000321 relationship: broader MAT:0000015 relationship: broader MAT:0000024 [Term] id: MAT:0000141 name: lens namespace: http\:// alt_id: EV:0100343 alt_id: FMAID:58241 alt_id: MA:0000275 alt_id: MFO:0003520 alt_id: MP:0002093 alt_id: SAEL:60 alt_id: ZFA:0000035 alt_id: XAO:0000008 alt_id: TADS:0000304 alt_id: TAO:0000035 alt_id: EHDAA:9057 alt_id: EMAPA:17838 relationship: broader MAT:0000140 [Term] id: MAT:0000356 name: tepal namespace: http\:// alt_id: PO:0009033 relationship: broader MAT:0000231 [Term] id: MAT:0000479 name: placode namespace: http\:// relationship: broader MAT:0000477 [Term] id: MAT:0000410 name: flower development stages namespace: http\:// alt_id: PO:0007615 alt_id: GRO:0007020 alt_id: GRO:0007153 alt_id: GRO:0007151 synonym: "flowering stage" [] relationship: broader MAT:0000390 [Term] id: MAT:0000337 name: pars intercerebralis namespace: http\:// alt_id: FBbt:00005802 relationship: broader MAT:0000098 [Term] id: MAT:0000233 name: inflorescence namespace: http\:// alt_id: PO:0009049 alt_id: ZEA:0015085 alt_id: ZEA:0015084 synonym: "tassel" [] synonym: "ear" [] relationship: broader MAT:0000009 [Term] id: MAT:0000501 name: carotid artery namespace: http\:// alt_id: FMAID:3939 alt_id: EHDAA:6373 alt_id: EMAPA:18609 alt_id: ZFA:0000097 alt_id: EV:0100379 alt_id: MA:0001925 alt_id: XAO:0000345 alt_id: TAO:0000097 synonym: "common carotid artery" [] synonym: "external carotid artery" [] relationship: broader MAT:0000034 [Term] id: MAT:0000110 name: cerebellum namespace: http\:// alt_id: EV:0100293 alt_id: FMAID:67944 alt_id: MA:0000196 alt_id: MFO:0002340 alt_id: MP:0000849 alt_id: SAEL:18 alt_id: ZFA:0000100 alt_id: TAO:0000100 alt_id: EMAPA:17787 relationship: broader MAT:0000107 [Term] id: MAT:0000348 name: apoplasm namespace: http\:// def: "The fluid between the cell wall and the plasma membrane" [] synonym: "apoplast" [] relationship: broader MAT:0000347 [Term] id: MAT:0000452 name: tegmentum namespace: http\:// alt_id: FMAID:62393 alt_id: EMAPA:18215 alt_id: MA:0000212 alt_id: TAO:0001354 alt_id: ZFA:0001354 relationship: broader MAT:0000106 [Term] id: MAT:0000080 name: thymus namespace: http\:// alt_id: EV:0100138 alt_id: FMAID:9607 alt_id: MA:0000142 alt_id: MFO:0003240 alt_id: MP:0000703 alt_id: SAEL:107 alt_id: ZFA:0001078 alt_id: XAO:0000163 alt_id: TAO:0001078 alt_id: EHDAA:9119 alt_id: EMAPA:18768 relationship: broader MAT:0000021 relationship: broader MAT:0000022 [Term] id: MAT:0000024 name: liver and biliary system namespace: http\:// alt_id: EV:0100088 alt_id: MA:0000324 alt_id: MP:0002138 alt_id: ZFA:0000036 alt_id: XAO:0000132 alt_id: TAO:0000036 alt_id: EHDAA:2189 alt_id: EMAPA:16840 relationship: broader MAT:0000001 [Term] id: MAT:0000279 name: placenta namespace: http\:// alt_id: EV:0100119 alt_id: FMAID:63934 alt_id: MA:0000386 alt_id: SAEL:84 alt_id: EVM:2000256 alt_id: EV:3000466 relationship: broader MAT:0000061 [Term] id: MAT:0000486 name: distal namespace: http\:// relationship: broader MAT:0000483 [Term] id: MAT:0000358 name: tuber namespace: http\:// alt_id: PO:0004543 relationship: broader MAT:0000005 relationship: broader MAT:0000366 [Term] id: MAT:0000440 name: mouse development (EMAPA) namespace: http\:// relationship: broader MAT:0000373 [Term] id: MAT:0000137 name: trachea namespace: http\:// alt_id: EV:0100040 alt_id: FBbt:00005043 alt_id: FMAID:7394 alt_id: MA:0000441 alt_id: MP:0002282 alt_id: SAEL:111 alt_id: XAO:0000118 alt_id: TADS:000315 alt_id: EHDAA:3078 alt_id: EMAPA:16853 relationship: broader MAT:0000030 [Term] id: MAT:0000408 name: seed development stages namespace: http\:// alt_id: PO:0001170 alt_id: GRO:0007007 alt_id: GRO:0007125 alt_id: GRO:0007058 synonym: "seedling" [] relationship: broader MAT:0000390 [Term] id: MAT:0000514 name: reproductive system - plant namespace: http\:// relationship: broader MAT:0000003 [Term] id: MAT:0000112 name: hypothalamus namespace: http\:// alt_id: EV:0100225 alt_id: FMAID:62008 alt_id: MA:0000173 alt_id: SAEL:52 alt_id: ZFA:0000032 alt_id: TAO:0000032 alt_id: EHDAA:5446 alt_id: EMAPA:17536 relationship: broader MAT:0000105 [Term] id: MAT:0000367 name: bulb namespace: http\:// relationship: broader MAT:0000366 [Term] id: MAT:0000221 name: root meristem - lateral namespace: http\:// alt_id: PO:0006308 alt_id: ZEA:0015158 related_synonym: "lateral root meristem" [] relationship: broader MAT:0000006 relationship: broader MAT:0000005 [Term] id: MAT:0000227 name: endosperm namespace: http\:// alt_id: PO:0009089 relationship: broader MAT:0000008 [Term] id: MAT:0000028 name: reproductive system - female namespace: http\:// alt_id: EV:0100110 alt_id: FBbt:00004864 alt_id: FMAID:45663 alt_id: MA:0000381 alt_id: MP:0001119 alt_id: ZFA:0000303 alt_id: XAO:0000156 alt_id: TADS:0000352 alt_id: EHDAA:8116 alt_id: EMAPA:17959 related_synonym: "female genital system" [] related_synonym: "female reproductive system" [] synonym: "female genitalia" [] synonym: "female" [] relationship: broader MAT:0000305 [Term] id: MAT:0000182 name: girdle - pelvic namespace: http\:// alt_id: FMAID:16581 alt_id: MA:0000293 alt_id: MP:0004509 alt_id: EHDAA:7149 alt_id: EMAPA:18028 related_synonym: "pelvic girdle" [] relationship: broader MAT:0000032 [Term] id: MAT:0000135 name: lung namespace: http\:// alt_id: EV:0100042 alt_id: FMAID:7195 alt_id: MA:0000415 alt_id: MP:0001175 alt_id: SAEL:62 alt_id: XAO:0000119 alt_id: EHDAA:2205 alt_id: EMAPA:16728 alt_id: AAO:0000275 synonym: "lungs" [] relationship: broader MAT:0000030 [Term] id: MAT:0000094 name: tail namespace: http\:// alt_id: MA:0000008 alt_id: MFO:0081020 alt_id: MP:0002111 alt_id: SAEL:103 alt_id: ZFA:0001117 alt_id: WBbt:0005741 alt_id: XAO:0003026 alt_id: EMAPA:16748 relationship: broader MAT:0000293 [Term] id: MAT:0000106 name: midbrain namespace: http\:// alt_id: EV:0100242 alt_id: FMAID:61993 alt_id: MA:0000207 alt_id: MFO:0002420 alt_id: MP:0000897 alt_id: SAEL:68 alt_id: ZFA:0000128 alt_id: XAO:0000014 alt_id: TAO:0000128 alt_id: EHDAA:3694 alt_id: EMAPA:16974 synonym: "mesencephalon" [] relationship: broader MAT:0000098 [Term] id: MAT:0000256 name: limb bud - hindlimb namespace: http\:// alt_id: EHDAA:2358 alt_id: EMAPA:16779 related_synonym: "lower limb bud" [] relationship: broader MAT:0000019 [Term] id: GO:0000000 name: namespace: http\:// is_obsolete: true [Term] id: MAT:0000020 name: fluid - animal namespace: http\:// relationship: broader MAT:0000001 [Term] id: MAT:0000047 name: small intestine namespace: http\:// alt_id: EV:0100072 alt_id: FMAID:14544 alt_id: MA:0000337 alt_id: MP:0000496 alt_id: SAEL:96 alt_id: ZFA:0001323 alt_id: TGMA:0001024 alt_id: XAO:0000130 related_synonym: "mid intestine" [] synonym: "anterior intestine" [] relationship: broader MAT:0000043 [Term] id: MAT:0000329 name: tipped mound namespace: http\:// alt_id: DDANAT:0000006 relationship: broader MAT:0000002 [Term] id: MAT:0000086 name: antenna namespace: http\:// alt_id: FBbt:00004511 alt_id: TGMA:0000007 relationship: broader MAT:0000023 relationship: broader MAT:0000031 [Term] id: MAT:0000039 name: soft palate namespace: http\:// alt_id: FMAID:55021 alt_id: MA:0002412 alt_id: MP:0003154 alt_id: SAEL:98 alt_id: EMAPA:18949 relationship: broader MAT:0000038 [Term] id: MAT:0000108 name: cerebral cortex namespace: http\:// alt_id: EV:0100166 alt_id: FBbt:00003625 alt_id: FMAID:61830 alt_id: MA:0000185 alt_id: MP:0000788 alt_id: SAEL:20 alt_id: EHDAA:5464 alt_id: EMAPA:17544 relationship: broader MAT:0000105 [Term] id: MAT:0000480 name: biopsy namespace: http\:// relationship: broader MAT:0000477 [Term] id: MAT:0000327 name: mound namespace: http\:// alt_id: DDANAT:0000005 relationship: broader MAT:0000002 [Term] id: MAT:0000049 name: pharynx namespace: http\:// alt_id: EV:0100065 alt_id: FBbt:00005380 alt_id: FMAID:46688 alt_id: MA:0000432 alt_id: MFO:0003080 alt_id: MP:0002234 alt_id: SAEL:82 alt_id: WBbt:0003681 alt_id: TGMA:0000132 alt_id: TADS:0000042 alt_id: TAO:0000056 alt_id: EHDAA:2947 alt_id: EMAPA:16706 relationship: broader MAT:0000018 relationship: broader MAT:0000030 [Term] id: MAT:0000002 name: fungal component namespace: http\:// relationship: broader MAT:0000000 [Term] id: MAT:0000377 name: mouse adult (MA) namespace: http\:// relationship: broader MAT:0000373 [Term] id: MAT:0000016 name: cardiovascular system namespace: http\:// alt_id: EV:0100017 alt_id: FBbt:00005057 alt_id: FMAID:7161 alt_id: MA:0000010 alt_id: MP:0002127 alt_id: SAEL:16 alt_id: ZFA:0000010 alt_id: XAO:0000100 alt_id: TADS:0000146 alt_id: TAO:0000010 alt_id: MFO:000290 alt_id: EHDAA:394 alt_id: EMAPA:16104 related_synonym: "circulatory system" [] relationship: broader MAT:0000001 [Term] id: MAT:0000308 name: gram-positive eubacterium namespace: http\:// relationship: broader MAT:0000191 [Term] id: MAT:0000325 name: migratory slug namespace: http\:// alt_id: DDANAT:0000008 relationship: broader MAT:0000002 [Term] id: MAT:0000448 name: pineal gland namespace: http\:// alt_id: EV:0100131 alt_id: FMAID:62033 alt_id: MFO:0079940 alt_id: XAO:0000160 alt_id: MA:0000175 relationship: broader MAT:0000021 [Term] id: MAT:0000369 name: cranial placode namespace: http\:// alt_id: XAO:0000305 alt_id: TAO:0001309 synonym: "neurogenic placode" [] relationship: broader MAT:0000019 [Term] id: MAT:0000014 name: unicellular fungus namespace: http\:// related_synonym: "yeast" [] relationship: broader MAT:0000002 [Term] id: MAT:0000058 name: urine namespace: http\:// alt_id: FMAID:12274 alt_id: MA:0002545 alt_id: SAEL:117 relationship: broader MAT:0000020 [Term] id: MAT:0000375 name: human - early development (EHDAA) namespace: http\:// relationship: broader MAT:0000373 [Term] id: MAT:0000424 name: maize (ZEA) namespace: http\:// relationship: broader MAT:0000384 [Term] id: MAT:0000350 name: sap namespace: http\:// relationship: broader MAT:0000347 [Term] id: MAT:0000129 name: ductus deferens namespace: http\:// alt_id: EV:0100105 alt_id: FBbt:00004968 alt_id: FMAID:19234 alt_id: MA:0000413 alt_id: MP:0002769 alt_id: SAEL:120 alt_id: WBbt:0005337 alt_id: TADS:0000486 alt_id: EMAPA:18681 related_synonym: "deferent duct" [] related_synonym: "vas deferens" [] synonym: "vasa deferentia" [] relationship: broader MAT:0000029 [Term] id: MAT:0000022 name: haemopoietic system namespace: http\:// alt_id: MA:0002434 alt_id: SAEL:48 alt_id: XAO:0000122 related_synonym: "hematolymphoid system" [] synonym: "hematological system" [] relationship: broader MAT:0000001 [Term] id: MAT:0000168 name: spermathecum namespace: http\:// alt_id: FBbt:00004921 alt_id: TGMA:0000560 alt_id: WBbt:0005319 alt_id: TADS:0000434 synonym: "spermatheca" [] synonym: "seminal receptacle" [] relationship: broader MAT:0000028 [Term] id: MAT:0000426 name: eVOC CV (EV) namespace: http\:// relationship: broader MAT:0000373 [Term] id: MAT:0000229 name: bud namespace: http\:// alt_id: PO:0000055 relationship: broader MAT:0000009 [Term] id: MAT:0000488 name: lateral namespace: http\:// relationship: broader MAT:0000483 [Term] id: MAT:0000084 name: bone marrow namespace: http\:// alt_id: EV:0100046 alt_id: FMAID:9608 alt_id: MA:0000134 alt_id: MP:0002398 alt_id: SAEL:11 alt_id: XAO:0000123 alt_id: TAO:0000669 alt_id: ZFA:0000669 broad_synonym: "head kidney" [] relationship: broader MAT:0000022 [Term] id: MAT:0000444 name: saliva namespace: http\:// alt_id: EV:0100515 alt_id: FMAID:59862 alt_id: MA:0002507 relationship: broader MAT:0000020 [Term] id: MAT:0000090 name: limb sensu vertebrata namespace: http\:// alt_id: EV:0100483 alt_id: FMAID:7182 alt_id: MA:0000007 alt_id: MP:0002109 alt_id: XAO:0003027 alt_id: EHDAA:1697 alt_id: EMAPA:16405 related_synonym: "limb" [] relationship: broader MAT:0000023 [Term] id: MAT:0000431 name: Drosophila development namespace: http\:// relationship: broader MAT:0000374 [Term] id: MAT:0000482 name: primordium namespace: http\:// relationship: broader MAT:0000477 [Term] id: MAT:0000305 name: reproductive system - animals namespace: http\:// alt_id: EV:0100100 alt_id: FMAID:7160 alt_id: SAEL:89 alt_id: FBbt:00004857 alt_id: XAO:0000142 alt_id: TAO:0000632 alt_id: EHDAA:5923 alt_id: EMAPA:17381 related_synonym: "genital system" [] relationship: broader MAT:0000001 [Term] id: MAT:0000354 name: petal namespace: http\:// alt_id: PO:0009032 relationship: broader MAT:0000231 [Term] id: MAT:0000494 name: adrenal cortex namespace: http\:// alt_id: EMAPA:18427 alt_id: EV:0100136 alt_id: FMAID:15632 alt_id: MA:0000118 alt_id: XAO:0000165 relationship: narrower MAT:0000071 [Term] id: MAT:0000321 name: stalk namespace: http\:// alt_id: DDANAT:0000093 relationship: broader MAT:0000002 [Term] id: MAT:0000280 name: umbilical cord namespace: http\:// alt_id: EHDAA:158 alt_id: EV:0100127 alt_id: FMAID:85541 alt_id: SAEL:113 alt_id: EVM:2000364 alt_id: EV:3000467 related_synonym: "connecting stalk" [] relationship: broader MAT:0000061 [Term] id: MAT:0000394 name: forelimb namespace: http\:// alt_id: EV:0100014 alt_id: FMAID:7183 alt_id: MA:0000025 alt_id: SAEL:42 alt_id: XAO:0003030 alt_id: EHDAA:6208 alt_id: EMAPA:17412 synonym: "upper limb" [] relationship: broader MAT:0000090 [Term] id: MAT:0000102 name: PNS - enteric namespace: http\:// alt_id: FMAID:66070 alt_id: MA:0000222 alt_id: MP:0001044 alt_id: ZFA:0001155 alt_id: TAO:0001155 related_synonym: "enteric nervous system" [] relationship: broader MAT:0000338 [Term] id: MAT:0000442 name: lymph node namespace: http\:// alt_id: EV:0100050 alt_id: FMAID:5034 alt_id: MA:00000139 relationship: broader MAT:0000197 [Term] id: MAT:0000396 name: blastula stage namespace: http\:// alt_id: XAO:1000003 alt_id: FBdv:00005304 alt_id: WBIs:0000005 alt_id: EVM:2990005 synonym: "blastoderm stage" [] synonym: "blastula embryo" [] synonym: "blastocyst" [] relationship: broader MAT:0000391 [Term] id: MAT:0000213 name: egg namespace: http\:// alt_id: PO:0020094 related_synonym: "ovum" [] relationship: broader MAT:0000004 [Term] id: MAT:0000189 name: cartilage namespace: http\:// alt_id: EV:0100141 alt_id: MA:0000104 alt_id: MP:0000163 alt_id: SAEL:17 alt_id: XAO:0000170 alt_id: TAO:0001501 relationship: broader MAT:0000032 [Term] id: MAT:0000050 name: rectum namespace: http\:// alt_id: EV:0100081 alt_id: FBbt:00005756 alt_id: FMAID:14544 alt_id: MA:0000336 alt_id: SAEL:88 alt_id: WBbt:0005773 alt_id: TGMA:0001028 alt_id: XAO:0000238 alt_id: TADS:0000166 alt_id: EHDAA:EHDAA\:5836 alt_id: EMAPA:17896 synonym: "rectal sac" [] relationship: broader MAT:0000046 [Term] id: MAT:0000341 name: pharyngeal nervous system namespace: http\:// alt_id: WBbt:0005440 relationship: broader MAT:0000026 [Term] id: MAT:0000194 name: virus namespace: http\:// relationship: broader MAT:0000371 [Term] id: MAT:0000234 name: leaf namespace: http\:// alt_id: PO:0009025 alt_id: ZEA:0015031 relationship: broader MAT:0000003 relationship: broader MAT:0000009 [Term] id: MAT:0000301 name: connective tissue namespace: http\:// alt_id: EV:0100150 alt_id: FMAID:9640 alt_id: SAEL:23 alt_id: XAO:0000173 alt_id: TAO:0009189 related_synonym: "fascia" [] related_synonym: "tendon" [] broad_synonym: "tendon cell" [] relationship: broader MAT:0000032 [Term] id: MAT:0000033 name: integumental system namespace: http\:// def: "The taxon-independent term for the outer covering of an organism" [] alt_id: EV:0100151 alt_id: FBbt:00004856 alt_id: FMAID:72979 alt_id: MA:0000014 alt_id: MP:0005393 alt_id: WBbt:0005730 alt_id: XAO:0000176 alt_id: TADS:0000108 alt_id: EHDAA:6520 alt_id: EMAPA:17524 alt_id: AAO:0000239 related_synonym: "dermal system" [] related_synonym: "epithelial system - sensu C elegans" [] related_synonym: "integumentary system" [] synonym: "integument" [] relationship: broader MAT:0000001 [Term] id: MAT:0000187 name: larynx namespace: http\:// alt_id: EV:0100039 alt_id: FMAID:55097 alt_id: MA:0000414 alt_id: MP:0002249 alt_id: SAEL:59 alt_id: EMAPA:18333 alt_id: AAO:0000268 relationship: broader MAT:0000018 relationship: broader MAT:0000030 [Term] id: MAT:0000215 name: microspore namespace: http\:// alt_id: PO:0020048 relationship: broader MAT:0000004 [Term] id: MAT:0000179 name: gastrula namespace: http\:// alt_id: MFO:0001940 alt_id: ZFA:00000i9 related_synonym: "gastrulation" [] relationship: broader MAT:0000019 [Term] id: MAT:0000196 name: RNA virus namespace: http\:// relationship: broader MAT:0000194 [Term] id: MAT:0000496 name: atrium namespace: http\:// alt_id: FMAID:85574 alt_id: EMAPA:16688 alt_id: EHDAA:1265 alt_id: EV:0100018 alt_id: ZFA0000471 alt_id: MA:0000073 alt_id: MFO:0080900 alt_id: TAO:0000471 relationship: broader MAT:0000036 [Term] id: MAT:0000303 name: smooth muscle namespace: http\:// alt_id: EV:0100378 alt_id: FBbt:00003525 alt_id: SAEL:97 alt_id: XAO:0000175 related_synonym: "adult visceral muscle" [] relationship: broader MAT:0000025 [Term] id: MAT:0000250 name: inner cell mass namespace: http\:// alt_id: EHDAA:40 alt_id: EMAPA:16041 alt_id: EVM:2000322 relationship: broader MAT:0000304 [Term] id: MAT:0000149 name: craniofacial skeleton bone namespace: http\:// alt_id: FMAID:46565 alt_id: FMAID:87596 alt_id: MA:0000316 alt_id: MP:0002116 alt_id: ZFA:0000737 alt_id: TAO:0001424 alt_id: EHDAA:6029 alt_id: EMAPA:17680 alt_id: AAO:0000109 related_synonym: "cranial skeleton" [] related_synonym: "skeletal system of head" [] related_synonym: "skull bone" [] synonym: "chondrocranium" [] synonym: "cranium" [] relationship: broader MAT:0000017 relationship: broader MAT:0000032 [Term] id: MAT:0000360 name: bark namespace: http\:// alt_id: PO:0004518 relationship: broader MAT:0000009 [Term] id: MAT:0000392 name: blastula namespace: http\:// relationship: broader MAT:0000304 [Term] id: MAT:0000524 name: stigma namespace: http\:// alt_id: PO:0009073 relationship: broader MAT:0000514 [Term] id: MAT:0000371 name: taxon ontology namespace: http\:// relationship: broader MAT:0000441 [Term] id: MAT:0000209 name: chordotonal organ namespace: http\:// def: "An auditory and vibration detector in insects" [] alt_id: FBbt:00005215 relationship: broader MAT:0000031 [Term] id: MAT:0000001 name: animal component namespace: http\:// relationship: broader MAT:0000000 [Term] id: MAT:0000429 name: C elegans development (WBIs) namespace: http\:// relationship: broader MAT:0000374 [Term] id: MAT:0000508 name: temporal lobe namespace: http\:// alt_id: FMAID:61825 alt_id: EV:0100169 alt_id: EMAPA:18797 relationship: broader MAT:0000421 [Term] id: MAT:0000307 name: spore - asexual namespace: http\:// alt_id: DDANAT:0000414 alt_id: FAO:0000023 relationship: broader MAT:0000002 [Term] id: MAT:0000113 name: meninges namespace: http\:// alt_id: EV:0100312 alt_id: FMAID:76821 alt_id: MA:0000113 alt_id: MP:0005623 alt_id: SAEL:66 alt_id: EHDAA:3688 alt_id: EMAPA:17764 relationship: broader MAT:0000098 relationship: broader MAT:0000457 [Term] id: MAT:0000359 name: cotyledon namespace: http\:// alt_id: PO:0020030 relationship: broader MAT:0000008 [Term] id: MAT:0000492 name: right namespace: http\:// relationship: broader MAT:0000483 [Term] id: MAT:0000422 name: epithalamus namespace: http\:// alt_id: MA:0000172 alt_id: FMAID:62009 alt_id: TAO:0000509 alt_id: ZFA:0000509 alt_id: MFO:0079980 alt_id: EHDAA:5433 alt_id: EMAPA:17532 relationship: broader MAT:0000105 [Term] id: MAT:0000203 name: haltere namespace: http\:// alt_id: FBbt:00004783 related_synonym: "balancer organ" [] relationship: broader MAT:0000023 [Term] id: MAT:0000169 name: vulva namespace: http\:// alt_id: EV:0100118 alt_id: FBbt:00004926 alt_id: FMAID:225311 alt_id: MA:0000395 alt_id: MP:0003126 alt_id: WBbt:0006748 relationship: broader MAT:0000028 [Term] id: MAT:0000066 name: neural crest - early namespace: http\:// alt_id: EHDAA:308 alt_id: EMAPA:16147 alt_id: EMAPA:16163 alt_id: MP:0002949 alt_id: ZFA:0000045 alt_id: EVM:2000191 relationship: broader MAT:0000019 [Term] id: MAT:0000419 name: blastoderm namespace: http\:// alt_id: TAO:0001176 alt_id: AAO:0000042 relationship: broader MAT:0000304 [Term] id: MAT:0000181 name: girdle - pectoral namespace: http\:// alt_id: FMAID:23217 alt_id: MA:0000292 alt_id: MP:0004508 alt_id: EHDAA:6039 alt_id: EMAPA:18025 related_synonym: "pectoral girdle" [] related_synonym: "shoulder bones" [] relationship: broader MAT:0000032 [Term] id: MAT:0000364 name: phloem namespace: http\:// alt_id: PO:0005417 relationship: broader MAT:0000009 relationship: broader MAT:0000362 [Term] id: MAT:0000490 name: medial namespace: http\:// relationship: broader MAT:0000483 [Term] id: MAT:0000403 name: adult stage namespace: http\:// alt_id: EV:0300070 alt_id: XAO:1000009 alt_id: FBdv:00005369 alt_id: WBIs:0000041 alt_id: EVM:2990028 relationship: broader MAT:0000391 [Term] id: MAT:0000158 name: nail namespace: http\:// alt_id: EV:0100159 alt_id: FMAID:54326 alt_id: MA:0002703 alt_id: MP:0000579 alt_id: EMAPA:18734 synonym: "claw" [] relationship: broader MAT:0000033 [Term] id: MAT:0000171 name: seminal vesicle namespace: http\:// alt_id: EV:0100106 alt_id: FBbt:00004958 alt_id: FMAID:19386 relationship: broader MAT:0000029 [Term] id: MAT:0000120 name: ureter namespace: http\:// alt_id: EV:0100097 alt_id: FMAID:9704 alt_id: MA:0000378 alt_id: MP:0000534 alt_id: WBbt:0005777 alt_id: WBbt:0004540 alt_id: XAO:0000144 alt_id: EHDAA:7009 alt_id: EMAPA:17950 broad_synonym: "excretory duct" [] synonym: "excretory duct cell" [] relationship: broader MAT:0000027 [Term] id: MAT:0000243 name: mesectoderm namespace: http\:// alt_id: FBbt:00000136 relationship: broader MAT:0000019 [Term] id: MAT:0000373 name: vertebrate namespace: http\:// relationship: broader MAT:0000371 [Term] id: MAT:0000506 name: parietal lobe namespace: http\:// alt_id: FMAID:61826 alt_id: EV:0100166 relationship: broader MAT:0000421 [Term] id: MAT:0000122 name: bladder namespace: http\:// alt_id: EV:0100098 alt_id: FMAID:15900 alt_id: MA:0000380 alt_id: MP:0000538 alt_id: SAEL:115 alt_id: XAO:0000154 alt_id: EHDAA:9328 alt_id: EMAPA:18321 alt_id: AAO:0000623 related_synonym: "urinary bladder" [] relationship: broader MAT:0000027 [Term] id: MAT:0000026 name: nervous system namespace: http\:// alt_id: EV:0100162 alt_id: FBbt:00005093 alt_id: FMAID:7157 alt_id: MA:0000016 alt_id: MP:0003631 alt_id: SAEL:71 alt_id: WBbt:0005735 alt_id: ZFA:0000396 alt_id: XAO:0000177 alt_id: TAO:0000396 alt_id: EHDAA:826 alt_id: EMAPA:16469 alt_id: AAO:0000324 relationship: broader MAT:0000001 [Term] id: MAT:0000031 name: sensory system namespace: http\:// alt_id: FBbt:00005155 alt_id: MA:0002442 alt_id: MFO:0003460 alt_id: WBbt:0005832 alt_id: ZFA:0000282 alt_id: TAO:0000182 alt_id: AAO:0000555 related_synonym: "sense organ" [] relationship: broader MAT:0000001 [Term] id: MAT:0000185 name: stem cell namespace: http\:// alt_id: EV:0100395 alt_id: MP:0002400 alt_id: TAO:0009307 alt_id: TAO:0009020 related_synonym: "blastocyst inner cell mass" [] synonym: "somatic stem cell" [] synonym: "multi fate stem cell" [] relationship: broader MAT:0000019 [Term] id: MAT:0000420 name: diencephalon namespace: http\:// alt_id: FMAID:62001 alt_id: ZFA:0000101 alt_id: TAO:0000101 alt_id: MFO:0002280 alt_id: MA:0000171 alt_id: XAO:0000013 alt_id: EHDAA:3472 alt_id: EMAPA:16896 relationship: broader MAT:0000105 [Term] id: MAT:0000528 name: fetilized egg namespace: http\:// synonym: "zygote" [] relationship: broader MAT:0000304 [Term] id: MAT:0000115 name: pons namespace: http\:// alt_id: EV:0100253 alt_id: FMAID:67943 alt_id: MA:0000204 alt_id: MP:0000848 alt_id: SAEL:85 alt_id: EMAPA:17563 relationship: broader MAT:0000107 [Term] id: MAT:0000133 name: bronchus namespace: http\:// alt_id: EV:0100041 alt_id: FMAID:7409 alt_id: MA:0000436 alt_id: SAEL:14 alt_id: XAO:0000121 alt_id: EHDAA:3072 alt_id: EMAPA:16849 synonym: "main bronchus" [] relationship: broader MAT:0000030 [Term] id: MAT:0000081 name: thyroid namespace: http\:// alt_id: EV:0100133 alt_id: FMAID:9603 alt_id: MA:0000129 alt_id: MP:0000681 alt_id: SAEL:108 alt_id: ZFA:0001072 alt_id: XAO:0000162 alt_id: TAO:0001081 alt_id: EHDAA:2975 alt_id: EMAPA:18827 broad_synonym: "thyroid primordium" [] relationship: broader MAT:0000021 [Term] id: MAT:0000398 name: embryo mid-stage namespace: http\:// alt_id: EV:0300001 relationship: broader MAT:0000391 [Term] id: MAT:0000389 name: time stages namespace: http\:// relationship: broader MAT:0000441 [Term] id: MAT:0000198 name: brown fat namespace: http\:// alt_id: MA:0000057 relationship: broader MAT:0000015 [Term] id: MAT:0000018 name: digestive system namespace: http\:// alt_id: EV:0100056 alt_id: FBbt:00005055 alt_id: FMAID:7152 alt_id: MA:0000323 alt_id: MFO:0002980 alt_id: MP:0000462 alt_id: SAEL:28 alt_id: WBbt:0005748 alt_id: ZFA:0000339 alt_id: XAO:0000125 alt_id: TADS:0000170 alt_id: TAO:0000339 alt_id: EHDAA:514 alt_id: EMAPA:16246 alt_id: AAO:0000129 related_synonym: "alimentary system" [] related_synonym: "gastrointestinal system" [] relationship: broader MAT:0000001 [Term] id: MAT:0000271 name: segment - adult namespace: http\:// alt_id: FBbt:00000003 relationship: broader MAT:0000033 [Term] id: MAT:0000119 name: kidney namespace: http\:// alt_id: EV:0100096 alt_id: FMAID:7203 alt_id: MA:0000368 alt_id: MP:0002135 alt_id: SAEL:57 alt_id: WBbt:0005775 alt_id: EHDAA:5911 alt_id: EMAPA:17373 alt_id: AAO:0000250 related_synonym: "metanephros" [] broad_synonym: "excretory canal" [] relationship: broader MAT:0000027 [Term] id: MAT:0000075 name: pancreas namespace: http\:// alt_id: EV:0100092 alt_id: FMAID:7198 alt_id: MA:0001582 alt_id: MA:0002415 alt_id: MP:0001944 alt_id: SAEL:80 alt_id: ZFA:0000140 alt_id: XAO:0000136 alt_id: TAO:0000140 alt_id: EHDAA:6893 alt_id: EMAPA:18816 relationship: broader MAT:0000021 [Term] id: MAT:0000052 name: blood plasma namespace: http\:// alt_id: EV:0100488 alt_id: MA:0002501 alt_id: SAEL:8 relationship: broader MAT:0000020 [Term] id: MAT:0000139 name: nose namespace: http\:// alt_id: EV:0100037 alt_id: FMAID:46472 alt_id: MA:0000281 alt_id: MFO:0003640 alt_id: MP:0002233 alt_id: SAEL:72 alt_id: ZFA:0001149 alt_id: FBbt:00005157 alt_id: XAO:0003033 alt_id: XAO:0000201 alt_id: TAO:0001149 alt_id: EHDAA:1502 alt_id: EMAPA:16542 alt_id: AAO:0000334 related_synonym: "olfactory pits" [] related_synonym: "olfactory system" [] synonym: "chemosensory sensory organ" [] broad_synonym: "nostril" [] relationship: broader MAT:0000017 relationship: broader MAT:0000030 relationship: broader MAT:0000031 [Term] id: MAT:0000273 name: mesonephros namespace: http\:// def: "A vertebrate tissue that is transitional in reptiles birds and mammals and gives rise on\n its lateral side to the gonad. The adult mesonephros is the functioning kidney of fish\nand amphibia (see mesonephros - adult)" [] alt_id: EHDAA:5903 alt_id: EMAPA:16744 alt_id: EVM:2000298 relationship: broader MAT:0000019 [Term] id: MAT:0000347 name: fluid - plant namespace: http\:// relationship: broader MAT:0000003 [Term] id: MAT:0000150 name: exoskeleton namespace: http\:// alt_id: FBbt:00004970 related_synonym: "cuticle" [] relationship: broader MAT:0000033 relationship: broader MAT:0000032 [Term] id: MAT:0000296 name: trunk namespace: http\:// alt_id: FMAID:7181 alt_id: MFO:0001720 alt_id: SAEL:112 alt_id: XAO:0003025 alt_id: TAO:0001115 relationship: broader MAT:0000293 [Term] id: MAT:0000498 name: atrioventricular node namespace: http\:// alt_id: FMAID:9478 alt_id: ZFA:0000044 alt_id: MA:0000095 alt_id: TAO:0005070 relationship: broader MAT:0000036 [Term] id: MAT:0000161 name: hard palate namespace: http\:// alt_id: EV:0100409 alt_id: FMAID:54549 alt_id: MA:0002477 alt_id: MP:0003756 alt_id: EMAPA:18952 related_synonym: "palate - human" [] relationship: broader MAT:0000038 [Term] id: MAT:0000205 name: thoracic sensillum namespace: http\:// alt_id: FBbt:00004245 relationship: broader MAT:0000163 [Term] id: MAT:0000284 name: skin namespace: http\:// alt_id: EV:0100152 alt_id: FMAID:7163 alt_id: MFO:0003200 alt_id: SAEL:95 alt_id: XAO:0000023 alt_id: EHDAA:6530 alt_id: EMAPA:17525 relationship: broader MAT:0000033 [Term] id: MAT:0000275 name: taste system namespace: http\:// alt_id: FMAID:7194 alt_id: ZFA:0001101 alt_id: FBbt:00005159 alt_id: TAO:0001101 synonym: "gustatory sensory organ" [] synonym: "gustatory system" [] relationship: broader MAT:0000017 relationship: broader MAT:0000031 [Term] id: MAT:0000232 name: fruit namespace: http\:// alt_id: PO:0009001 relationship: broader MAT:0000009 [Term] id: MAT:0000414 name: whole (mature) plant growth stages namespace: http\:// alt_id: PO:0007033 relationship: broader MAT:0000390 [Term] id: MAT:0000294 name: head namespace: http\:// alt_id: EV:0100475 alt_id: FBbt:00000004 alt_id: FMAID:7154 alt_id: MFO:0001660 alt_id: SAEL:46 alt_id: TGMA:0000002 alt_id: WBbt:0005739 alt_id: XAO:0003024 alt_id: TAO:0001114 related_synonym: "adult head" [] relationship: broader MAT:0000293 [Term] id: MAT:0000345 name: leaf vscular tissue namespace: http\:// alt_id: PO:0000036 relationship: broader MAT:0000234 relationship: broader MAT:0000362 [Term] id: MAT:0000515 name: stamen namespace: http\:// alt_id: PO:0009029 alt_id: ZEA:0015134 relationship: broader MAT:0000514 [Term] id: MAT:0000152 name: sensory bristle namespace: http\:// alt_id: FBbt:00005177 related_synonym: "chaeta" [] relationship: broader MAT:0000033 relationship: broader MAT:0000031 [Term] id: MAT:0000095 name: limb sensu invertebrata namespace: http\:// alt_id: FBbt:00004640 alt_id: TGMA:0000164 alt_id: TADS:0000002 relationship: broader MAT:0000023 [Term] id: MAT:0000282 name: ileum namespace: http\:// alt_id: EV:0100075 alt_id: FMAID:7208 alt_id: MA:0000339 alt_id: SAEL:53 alt_id: XAO:0000237 relationship: broader MAT:0000047 [Term] id: MAT:0000207 name: invertebrate ganglion namespace: http\:// alt_id: FBbt:00005137 relationship: broader MAT:0000026 [Term] id: MAT:0000355 name: sepal namespace: http\:// alt_id: PO:0009031 relationship: broader MAT:0000231 [Term] id: MAT:0000478 name: anlage namespace: http\:// relationship: broader MAT:0000477 [Term] id: MAT:0000416 name: unicellular eukaryotes - non-fungal namespace: http\:// relationship: broader MAT:0000371 [Term] id: MAT:0000230 name: cotyledon namespace: http\:// alt_id: PO:0020030 relationship: broader MAT:0000009 [Term] id: MAT:0000401 name: new-born stage namespace: http\:// alt_id: EV:0300039 alt_id: EVM:2990000 relationship: broader MAT:0000391 [Term] id: MAT:0000054 name: hemolymph namespace: http\:// alt_id: FBbt:00005061 alt_id: TGMA:0000000 synonym: "haemolymph" [] relationship: broader MAT:0000020 [Term] id: MAT:0000483 name: geometric modifier namespace: http\:// relationship: broader MAT:0000476 [Term] id: MAT:0000010 name: hypha namespace: http\:// alt_id: FAO:0001001 relationship: broader MAT:0000002 [Term] id: MAT:0000476 name: anatomical modifier namespace: http\:// relationship: broader MAT:0000441 [Term] id: MAT:0000156 name: feather namespace: http\:// relationship: broader MAT:0000033 [Term] id: MAT:0000068 name: somite namespace: http\:// alt_id: EHDAA:366 alt_id: EMAPA:16184 alt_id: MFO:0002160 alt_id: MP:0001688 alt_id: SAEL:99 alt_id: ZFA:0000155 alt_id: XAO:0000058 alt_id: TAO:0000155 related_synonym: "somites" [] relationship: broader MAT:0000019 [Term] id: MAT:0000131 name: spermatazoon namespace: http\:// alt_id: FMAID:67338 alt_id: MA:0002765 alt_id: MP:0001156 alt_id: SAEL:93 alt_id: WBbt:0005321 alt_id: ZFA:0009006 alt_id: FBbt:00004954 related_synonym: "male gamete" [] related_synonym: "mature sperm cell" [] related_synonym: "sperm" [] broad_synonym: "semen" [] relationship: broader MAT:0000029 [Term] id: MAT:0000219 name: rhizome namespace: http\:// alt_id: PO:0004542 relationship: broader MAT:0000005 relationship: broader MAT:0000366 [Term] id: MAT:0000062 name: fin bud namespace: http\:// alt_id: ZFA:0001383 alt_id: TAO:0001383 relationship: broader MAT:0000019 [Term] id: MAT:0000175 name: endoderm namespace: http\:// alt_id: EHDAA:94 alt_id: EMAPA:16062 alt_id: FBbt:00000125 alt_id: SAEL:34 alt_id: ZFA:0000017 alt_id: XAO:0000090 alt_id: EVM:2000307 alt_id: EV:3000142 alt_id: AAO:0000139 relationship: broader MAT:0000304 [Term] id: MAT:0000035 name: aorta namespace: http\:// alt_id: EV:0100027 alt_id: FBbt:00003153 alt_id: FMAID:3734 alt_id: MA:0000476 alt_id: MP:0000272 alt_id: SAEL:6 alt_id: ZFA:0000014 alt_id: XAO:0003010 alt_id: TADS:0000154 alt_id: TAO:0000014 related_synonym: "dorsal aorta" [] relationship: broader MAT:0000034 [Term] id: MAT:0000405 name: gametophyte stage namespace: http\:// alt_id: GRO:0007017 synonym: "gametophyte development" [] relationship: broader MAT:0000390 [Term] id: MAT:0000173 name: ectoderm namespace: http\:// alt_id: EHDAA:132 alt_id: EMAPA:16069 alt_id: FBbt:00000111 alt_id: SAEL:32 alt_id: ZFA:0000016 alt_id: XAO:0000001 alt_id: EVM:2000306 alt_id: EV:3000140 alt_id: AAO:0000137 relationship: broader MAT:0000304 [Term] id: MAT:0000192 name: cyanobacterium namespace: http\:// relationship: broader MAT:0000191 [Term] id: MAT:0000383 name: tick (TADS) namespace: http\:// relationship: broader MAT:0000374 [Term] id: MAT:0000045 name: jejunum namespace: http\:// alt_id: EV:0100074 alt_id: FMAID:7207 alt_id: MA:0000340 alt_id: MP:0004002 alt_id: SAEL:56 relationship: broader MAT:0000047 [Term] id: MAT:0000117 name: pronephros namespace: http\:// def: "The first kidney is all vertebrates - it is transitional and disappears soon after it has formed." [] alt_id: EHDAA:1017 alt_id: EMAPA:16579 alt_id: MFO:0003340 alt_id: ZFA:0000151 alt_id: XAO:0002000 alt_id: EV:3000635 alt_id: TAO:0000151 relationship: broader MAT:0000019 relationship: broader MAT:0000027 [Term] id: MAT:0000154 name: epidermis namespace: http\:// alt_id: EV:0100153 alt_id: FBbt:00005401 alt_id: FMAID:70596 alt_id: MA:0000153 alt_id: MP:0001216 alt_id: SAEL:35 alt_id: ZFA:0000105 alt_id: WBbt:0005733 alt_id: TADS:0000109 alt_id: EMAPA:17528 alt_id: AAO:0000143 related_synonym: "hypodermis" [] relationship: broader MAT:0000033 [Term] id: MAT:0000292 name: cervix namespace: http\:// alt_id: EV:0100114 alt_id: FMAID:17740 alt_id: FMAID:67343 alt_id: SAEL:118 related_synonym: "uterine cervix" [] relationship: broader MAT:0000028 [Term] id: MAT:0000277 name: median fin skeleton namespace: http\:// alt_id: ZFA:0001123 relationship: broader MAT:0000032 [Term] id: MAT:0000177 name: pole cell namespace: http\:// alt_id: FBbt:00000092 relationship: broader MAT:0000304 [Term] id: MAT:0000343 name: ganglion namespace: http\:// alt_id: WBbt:0005189 alt_id: XAO:0000209 alt_id: TAO:0000190 alt_id: EHDAA:918 alt_id: EMAPA:16658 relationship: broader MAT:0000026 [Term] id: MAT:0000217 name: pollen tube namespace: http\:// alt_id: PO:0006345 relationship: broader MAT:0000004 [Term] id: MAT:0000238 name: sepal namespace: http\:// alt_id: PO:0009031 relationship: broader MAT:0000009 [Term] id: MAT:0000147 name: outer ear namespace: http\:// alt_id: EV:0100354 alt_id: FMAID:52781 alt_id: MA:0000258 alt_id: MP:0002177 alt_id: SAEL:38 alt_id: XAO:0000190 alt_id: EHDAA:3786 alt_id: EMAPA:16991 related_synonym: "external ear" [] relationship: broader MAT:0000138 [Term] id: MAT:0000040 name: tongue namespace: http\:// alt_id: EV:0100058 alt_id: FMAID:54640 alt_id: MA:0000347 alt_id: MP:0000762 alt_id: SAEL:109 alt_id: XAO:0000446 alt_id: EHDAA:9144 alt_id: EMAPA:18870 relationship: broader MAT:0000038 [Term] id: MAT:0000298 name: abdomen namespace: http\:// alt_id: EV:0100011 alt_id: FBbt:00000020 alt_id: FMAID:9577 alt_id: SAEL:1 alt_id: TGMA:0000524 related_synonym: "adult abdomen" [] relationship: broader MAT:0000293 [Term] id: MAT:0000163 name: sensillum namespace: http\:// alt_id: TGMA:0000540 alt_id: WBbt:0006929 alt_id: TADS:0000301 alt_id: TADS:0000089 synonym: "seta" [] relationship: broader MAT:0000033 relationship: broader MAT:0000031 [Term] id: MAT:0000099 name: PNS - somatic namespace: http\:// alt_id: FMAID:9903 alt_id: MA:0000230 alt_id: MP:0002752 alt_id: SAEL:81 alt_id: WBbt:0005760 alt_id: ZFA:0000070 broad_synonym: "peripheral nerve" [] broad_synonym: "peripheral nervous system - human" [] relationship: broader MAT:0000338 [Term] id: MAT:0000211 name: corpus cardiacum namespace: http\:// alt_id: FBbt:00005799 relationship: broader MAT:0000021 [Term] id: MAT:0000286 name: corpus callosum namespace: http\:// alt_id: EV:0100305 alt_id: FMAID:86464 alt_id: MA:0000188 alt_id: SAEL:24 relationship: broader MAT:0000107 [Term] id: MAT:0000319 name: endometrium namespace: http\:// alt_id: EV:0100115 alt_id: FMAID:17742 relationship: broader MAT:0000028 [Term] id: MAT:0000311 name: ascending colon namespace: http\:// alt_id: EV:0100450 alt_id: FMAID:14545 relationship: broader MAT:0000526 [Term] id: MAT:0000009 name: shoot namespace: http\:// alt_id: ZEA:0015180 relationship: broader MAT:0000003 [Term] id: MAT:0000043 name: intestine namespace: http\:// alt_id: EV:0100071 alt_id: FMAID:7199 alt_id: MA:0000328 alt_id: MFO:0003040 alt_id: MP:0000477 alt_id: SAEL:55 alt_id: WBbt:0005772 alt_id: ZFA:0001338 alt_id: TGMA:0001819 alt_id: XAO:0000129 alt_id: TADS:0000165 alt_id: TAO:0001338 alt_id: EHDAA:518 alt_id: AAO:0000246 synonym: "adult alimentary canal" [] synonym: "gut" [] synonym: "intestines" [] relationship: broader MAT:0000018 [Term] id: MAT:0000434 name: Zebrafish anatomy and development (ZFA) namespace: http\:// relationship: broader MAT:0000373 [Term] id: MAT:0000382 name: C elegans (WBbt) namespace: http\:// relationship: broader MAT:0000374 [Term] id: MAT:0000504 name: substantia nigra namespace: http\:// alt_id: FMAID:67947 alt_id: EV:0100247 alt_id: MA:0000210 relationship: broader MAT:0000106 [Term] id: MAT:0000101 name: PNS - parasympathetic namespace: http\:// alt_id: FMAID:9907 alt_id: MA:0000223 alt_id: MP:0001033 alt_id: ZFA:0000142 alt_id: TAO:0001575 alt_id: EHDAA:4655 alt_id: EMAPA:17270 synonym: "parasympathetic nervous system" [] relationship: broader MAT:0000338 [Term] id: MAT:0000126 name: oviduct namespace: http\:// alt_id: EV:0100112 alt_id: FBbt:00004911 alt_id: FMAID:18245 alt_id: MA:0000385 alt_id: MP:0003574 alt_id: ZFA:0000560 alt_id: TADS:0000415 alt_id: TAO:0000560 alt_id: EMAPA:18984 related_synonym: "fallopian tube" [] related_synonym: "uterine tube" [] relationship: broader MAT:0000028 [Term] id: MAT:0000087 name: fin namespace: http\:// alt_id: MFO:0079180 alt_id: ZFA:0000108 alt_id: XAO:0000002 alt_id: TAO:0000108 related_synonym: "fins" [] relationship: broader MAT:0000023 [Term] id: MAT:0000436 name: eVOC mouse development stage (EVM) namespace: http\:// relationship: broader MAT:0000373 [Term] id: MAT:0000003 name: plant component namespace: http\:// relationship: broader MAT:0000000 [Term] id: MAT:0000313 name: descending colon namespace: http\:// alt_id: FMAID:14547 relationship: broader MAT:0000526 [Term] id: MAT:0000318 name: amniotic fluid namespace: http\:// alt_id: EV:0100123 relationship: broader MAT:0000019 relationship: broader MAT:0000020 [Term] id: MAT:0000078 name: prostate namespace: http\:// alt_id: EV:0100104 alt_id: FMAID:9600 alt_id: MA:0000404 alt_id: MP:0001158 alt_id: SAEL:87 alt_id: EMAPA:19287 relationship: broader MAT:0000021 [Term] id: MAT:0000517 name: ovary - plant namespace: http\:// alt_id: PO:0009072 relationship: broader MAT:0000514 [Term] id: MAT:0000384 name: plant (PO) namespace: http\:// relationship: broader MAT:0000371 [Term] id: MAT:0000005 name: root namespace: http\:// alt_id: PO:0009005 alt_id: ZEA:0015034 relationship: broader MAT:0000003 [Term] id: MAT:0000438 name: human adult (FMA) namespace: http\:// relationship: broader MAT:0000373 [Term] id: MAT:0000353 name: root nodule namespace: http\:// alt_id: PO:0003023 relationship: broader MAT:0000005 [Term] id: MAT:0000315 name: blood namespace: http\:// alt_id: EV:0100047 alt_id: FMAID:9670 alt_id: MA:0000059 alt_id: MFO:0002920 alt_id: XAO:0000124 alt_id: EHDAA:418 alt_id: EMAPA:16332 alt_id: AAO:0000046 related_synonym: "portion of blood" [] relationship: broader MAT:0000020 [Term] id: MAT:0000381 name: mosquito (TGMA) namespace: http\:// relationship: broader MAT:0000374 [Term] id: MAT:0000455 name: endocardium namespace: http\:// alt_id: EV:0100021 alt_id: FMAID:7280 alt_id: EMAPA:17868 alt_id: MA:0000076 alt_id: TAO:0001320 alt_id: ZFA:0001320 relationship: broader MAT:0000036 [Term] id: MAT:0000064 name: imaginal disc namespace: http\:// alt_id: FBbt:00001761 relationship: broader MAT:0000019 [Term] id: MAT:0000220 name: root meristem - apical namespace: http\:// alt_id: PO:0020147 alt_id: ZEA:0015150 relationship: broader MAT:0000006 relationship: broader MAT:0000005 [Term] id: MAT:0000290 name: decidua namespace: http\:// alt_id: MA:0001722 alt_id: SAEL:25 related_synonym: "endometrium" [] relationship: broader MAT:0000061 [Term] id: MAT:0000511 name: trigeminal ganglion namespace: http\:// alt_id: EV:0100491 alt_id: FMAID:52618 alt_id: MA:0001080 alt_id: XAO:0000428 alt_id: TAO:0000295 relationship: broader MAT:0000200 [Term] id: MAT:0000226 name: embryo namespace: http\:// alt_id: PO:0009009 alt_id: ZEA:0015179 relationship: broader MAT:0000008 [Term] id: MAT:0000432 name: Plant growth and development (GRO) namespace: http\:// relationship: broader MAT:0000384 [Term] id: MAT:0000334 name: primordial germ cells namespace: http\:// alt_id: FBbt:00004860 alt_id: MFO:0003320 alt_id: XAO:0000111 alt_id: TAO:0009288 related_synonym: "germ cell" [] relationship: broader MAT:0000019 [Term] id: MAT:0000038 name: mouth namespace: http\:// alt_id: EV:0100057 alt_id: FBbt:00003126 alt_id: FMAID:49184 alt_id: MA:0000341 alt_id: MP:0000452 alt_id: WBbt:0005255 alt_id: ZFA:0000547 alt_id: TGMA:0000131 alt_id: XAO:0003029 alt_id: XAO:0000126 alt_id: TADS:0000040 alt_id: TAO:0000547 alt_id: EMAPA:16262 alt_id: AAO:0000053 related_synonym: "buccal cavity" [] related_synonym: "oral region" [] synonym: "oral cavity" [] relationship: broader MAT:0000017 relationship: broader MAT:0000018 [Term] id: MAT:0000142 name: retina namespace: http\:// alt_id: EV:0100348 alt_id: FMAID:58301 alt_id: MA:0000276 alt_id: MFO:0003600 alt_id: MP:0001325 alt_id: SAEL:91 alt_id: ZFA:0000152 alt_id: FBbt:00004200 alt_id: XAO:0000009 alt_id: TADS:0000551 alt_id: TAO:0000152 alt_id: EHDAA:4757 alt_id: EMAPA:17168 relationship: broader MAT:0000140 [Term] id: MAT:0000449 name: ovarian follicle namespace: http\:// alt_id: EV:0100416 alt_id: FMAID:18640 alt_id: EMAPA:19284 alt_id: MA:0001707 alt_id: TAO:0001110 alt_id: ZFA:0001110 synonym: "primary follicle" [] synonym: "ovary follicle" [] relationship: broader MAT:0000125 [Term] id: MAT:0000326 name: loose aggregate namespace: http\:// alt_id: DDANAT:0000004 relationship: broader MAT:0000002 [Term] id: MAT:0000453 name: myocardium namespace: http\:// alt_id: EV:0100022 alt_id: FMAID:9462 alt_id: XAO:0000065 alt_id: EMAPA:16208 alt_id: MA:0000080 alt_id: TAO:0001319 alt_id: ZFA:0001319 synonym: "cardiac muscle" [] relationship: broader MAT:0000036 [Term] id: MAT:0000413 name: root development stages namespace: http\:// alt_id: PO:0007520 alt_id: GRO:0007005 alt_id: GRO:0007055 alt_id: GRO:0007236 alt_id: GRO:0007234 synonym: "radicle" [] relationship: broader MAT:0000390 [Term] id: MAT:0000338 name: peripheral nervous system namespace: http\:// alt_id: FBbt:00005098 alt_id: XAO:0000178 alt_id: TADS:0000221 alt_id: EHDAA:2893 alt_id: EMAPA:16665 alt_id: AAO:0000429 relationship: broader MAT:0000026 [Term] id: MAT:0000190 name: prokaryote namespace: http\:// relationship: broader MAT:0000371 [Term] id: MAT:0000222 name: taproot namespace: http\:// alt_id: ZEA:0015061 related_synonym: "primary root" [] relationship: broader MAT:0000005 relationship: broader MAT:0000366 [Term] id: MAT:0000411 name: fruit development stages namespace: http\:// alt_id: PO:0001002 relationship: broader MAT:0000390 [Term] id: MAT:0000069 name: neural tube namespace: http\:// alt_id: EHDAA:908 alt_id: EMAPA:16164 alt_id: EMAPA:16530 alt_id: FBbt:00005554 alt_id: MP:0002151 alt_id: ZFA:0001135 alt_id: EVM:2000183 related_synonym: "ventral nerve cord primordium" [] relationship: broader MAT:0000019 [Term] id: MAT:0000025 name: muscle system namespace: http\:// alt_id: EV:0100146 alt_id: FBbt:00005069 alt_id: MA:0000015 alt_id: MFO:0002100 alt_id: MP:0002108 alt_id: WBbt:0005737 alt_id: ZFA:0000548 alt_id: TADS:0000324 alt_id: TAO:0000548 alt_id: AAO:0000307 related_synonym: "motor system" [] related_synonym: "muscle" [] related_synonym: "musculature" [] related_synonym: "musculature system" [] synonym: "muscular system" [] relationship: broader MAT:0000001 [Term] id: MAT:0000097 name: liver namespace: http\:// alt_id: EV:0100089 alt_id: FMAID:7197 alt_id: MA:0000358 alt_id: MFO:0003060 alt_id: MP:0000598 alt_id: ZFA:0000123 alt_id: XAO:0000133 alt_id: TAO:0000123 alt_id: EHDAA:2197 alt_id: EMAPA:16846 relationship: broader MAT:0000024 [Term] id: MAT:0000390 name: plant stage namespace: http\:// relationship: broader MAT:0000389 [Term] id: MAT:0000407 name: embryo development stages namespace: http\:// alt_id: PO:0007631 alt_id: GRO:0007137 alt_id: GRO:0007141 relationship: broader MAT:0000390 [Term] id: MAT:0000140 name: eye namespace: http\:// alt_id: EV:0100336 alt_id: FBbt:00004508 alt_id: FMAID:54448 alt_id: MA:0000261 alt_id: MFO:0003480 alt_id: MP:0002092 alt_id: ZFA:0000107 alt_id: TGMA:0000024 alt_id: XAO:0000179 alt_id: TADS:0000061 alt_id: TAO:0001127 alt_id: TAO:0000107 alt_id: EHDAA:936 alt_id: EMAPA:16198 alt_id: AAO:0000632 related_synonym: "eyes" [] related_synonym: "visual apparatus" [] synonym: "adult compound eye" [] synonym: "visual_system" [] relationship: broader MAT:0000017 relationship: broader MAT:0000031 [Term] id: MAT:0000500 name: pleural fluid namespace: http\:// alt_id: FMAID:12273 alt_id: MA:0002532 relationship: broader MAT:0000020 [Term] id: MAT:0000349 name: nectar namespace: http\:// relationship: broader MAT:0000347 [Term] id: MAT:0000457 name: central nervous system namespace: http\:// alt_id: EV:0100163 alt_id: ZFA:0000012 alt_id: TAO:0000012 alt_id: EMAPA:16470 alt_id: EHDAA:828 alt_id: MA:0000167 alt_id: FMAID:55675 synonym: "neuraxis" [] relationship: broader MAT:0000026 [Term] id: MAT:0000071 name: adrenal gland namespace: http\:// alt_id: EV:0100135 alt_id: FMAID:9604 alt_id: MA:0000116 alt_id: MP:0000639 alt_id: SAEL:3 alt_id: XAO:0000164 alt_id: TAO:0009167 alt_id: EMAPA:18426 synonym: "adrenal medulla cell" [] relationship: broader MAT:0000021 [Term] id: MAT:0000362 name: vascular tissue namespace: http\:// alt_id: PO:0009015 relationship: broader MAT:0000003 [Term] id: MAT:0000197 name: lymphatic system namespace: http\:// alt_id: EV:0100050 alt_id: FMAID:5034 alt_id: MA:0000139 alt_id: SAEL:63 alt_id: XAO:0000375 alt_id: TAO:0005105 alt_id: EHDAA:8677 alt_id: EMAPA:18248 broad_synonym: "lymph vessel" [] synonym: "lymph node" [] relationship: broader MAT:0000022 [Term] id: MAT:0000399 name: embryo late (growth) stage namespace: http\:// alt_id: EV:0300011 alt_id: FBdv:0005333 alt_id: EVM:2990031 synonym: "fetus" [] relationship: broader MAT:0000391 [Term] id: MAT:0000485 name: basal namespace: http\:// relationship: broader MAT:0000483 [Term] id: MAT:0000074 name: fertilized egg stage namespace: http\:// alt_id: EHDAA:27 alt_id: EMAPA:16033 alt_id: FBdv:00005288 alt_id: MFO:0005280 alt_id: ZFA:0000001 alt_id: XAO:0000035 alt_id: EVM:2990001 related_synonym: "one-cell stage" [] synonym: "zygote" [] relationship: broader MAT:0000391 [Term] id: MAT:0000351 name: gall tissue namespace: http\:// relationship: broader MAT:0000003 [Term] id: MAT:0000055 name: lymph namespace: http\:// alt_id: EV:0100049 alt_id: FMAID:9671 alt_id: MA:0002520 relationship: broader MAT:0000020 relationship: broader MAT:0000197 [Term] id: MAT:0000257 name: scale namespace: http\:// alt_id: ZFA:0000277 relationship: broader MAT:0000033 [Term] id: MAT:0000374 name: invertebrate namespace: http\:// relationship: broader MAT:0000371 [Term] id: MAT:0000513 name: caudate nucleus namespace: http\:// alt_id: FMAID:61833 alt_id: EMAPA:18207 alt_id: EV:0100185 alt_id: MA:0000893 relationship: broader MAT:0000450 [Term] id: MAT:0000330 name: late culminant namespace: http\:// alt_id: DDANAT:0000011 relationship: broader MAT:0000002 [Term] id: MAT:0000111 name: medulla oblonmgata namespace: http\:// alt_id: EV:0100275 alt_id: FMAID:62004 alt_id: MA:0000206 alt_id: MP:0000846 alt_id: SAEL:13 alt_id: SAEL:65 alt_id: ZFA:0000545 alt_id: TAO:0000545 alt_id: EHDAA:7588 alt_id: EMAPA:17550 related_synonym: "brainstem" [] relationship: broader MAT:0000107 [Term] id: MAT:0000249 name: lateral line system namespace: http\:// def: "a line of neuroblasts along the sides of fish and amphibia that detect vibrations and pressure changes" [] alt_id: MFO:0003620 alt_id: ZFA:0000034 alt_id: XAO:0000095 alt_id: TAO:0000282 alt_id: AAO:0000269 synonym: "lateral_line_system" [] relationship: broader MAT:0000033 relationship: broader MAT:0000031 [Term] id: MAT:0000021 name: gland namespace: http\:// alt_id: FBbt:00003214 alt_id: MA:0002563 alt_id: MA:0002564 alt_id: MP:0002163 alt_id: SAEL:33 alt_id: SAEL:37 alt_id: XAO:0000158 alt_id: TAO:0001158 broad_synonym: "endocrine system" [] broad_synonym: "exocrine system" [] relationship: broader MAT:0000001 [Term] id: MAT:0000183 name: spinal cord namespace: http\:// alt_id: EV:0100316 alt_id: FMAID:7647 alt_id: MA:0000216 alt_id: MFO:0002860 alt_id: MP:0000955 alt_id: SAEL:100 alt_id: ZFA:0000075 alt_id: XAO:0000020 alt_id: TAO:0000075 alt_id: EHDAA:2863 alt_id: EMAPA:17577 relationship: broader MAT:0000457 [Term] id: MAT:0000357 name: root cap namespace: http\:// alt_id: PO:0020123 relationship: broader MAT:0000005 [Term] id: MAT:0000328 name: standing slug namespace: http\:// alt_id: DDANAT:0000007 relationship: broader MAT:0000002 [Term] id: MAT:0000023 name: appendage namespace: http\:// alt_id: MP:0000545 relationship: broader MAT:0000001 relationship: broader MAT:0000293 [Term] id: MAT:0000128 name: vagina namespace: http\:// alt_id: EV:0100117 alt_id: FBbt:00004925 alt_id: FMAID:19949 alt_id: MA:0000394 alt_id: MP:0001139 alt_id: TGMA:0000607 alt_id: TADS:0000441 alt_id: EMAPA:18986 relationship: broader MAT:0000028 [Term] id: MAT:0000481 name: precursor namespace: http\:// relationship: broader MAT:0000477 [Term] id: MAT:0000423 name: pupal stage namespace: http\:// alt_id: FBdv:00005349 relationship: broader MAT:0000391 [Term] id: MAT:0000499 name: cerebrospinal fluid namespace: http\:// alt_id: EV:0100164 alt_id: FMAID:20935 alt_id: MA:0002503 relationship: broader MAT:0000020 [Term] id: MAT:0000138 name: ear namespace: http\:// alt_id: EV:0100353 alt_id: FMAID:52780 alt_id: MA:0000236 alt_id: MFO:0003660 alt_id: MP:0002102 alt_id: ZFA:0001138 alt_id: XAO:0000189 alt_id: TAO:0001138 alt_id: EHDAA:502 alt_id: EMAPA:16193 alt_id: AAO:0000631 related_synonym: "auditory system" [] related_synonym: "otic vesicle" [] related_synonym: "vestibuloauditpry system" [] synonym: "auditory apparatus" [] relationship: broader MAT:0000017 relationship: broader MAT:0000031 [Term] id: MAT:0000048 name: oesophagus namespace: http\:// alt_id: EV:0100069 alt_id: FBbt:00005381 alt_id: FMAID:7131 alt_id: MFO:0003000 alt_id: MP:0000467 alt_id: SAEL:74 alt_id: ZFA:0000204 alt_id: TGMA:0000134 alt_id: XAO:0000127 alt_id: TADS:0000057 alt_id: TAO:0000204 alt_id: EHDAA:2937 alt_id: EMAPA:16833 alt_id: AAO:0000145 related_synonym: "esophagus" [] relationship: broader MAT:0000018 [Term] id: MAT:0000378 name: medaka (MFO) namespace: http\:// relationship: broader MAT:0000373 [Term] id: MAT:0000105 name: forebrain namespace: http\:// alt_id: FMAID:61992 alt_id: MA:0000170 alt_id: MFO:0002260 alt_id: MP:0000783 alt_id: SAEL:43 alt_id: ZFA:0000109 alt_id: XAO:0000011 alt_id: TAO:0000109 alt_id: EHDAA:3470 alt_id: EMAPA:16895 synonym: "prosencephalon" [] relationship: broader MAT:0000098 [Term] id: MAT:0000017 name: craniofacial tissue namespace: http\:// alt_id: FBbt:00003007 alt_id: MA:0000316 alt_id: MP:0000428 alt_id: ZFA:0001114 alt_id: TGMA:0000720 related_synonym: "head tissue" [] synonym: "epicranial plate" [] relationship: broader MAT:0000001 [Term] id: MAT:0000495 name: adrenal medulla namespace: http\:// alt_id: FMAID:15633 alt_id: EV:0100135 alt_id: EMAPA:18428 alt_id: MA:0000119 alt_id: XAO:0000166 relationship: narrower MAT:0000071 [Term] id: MAT:0000027 name: renal system namespace: http\:// alt_id: EV:0100095 alt_id: FBbt:00005056 alt_id: FMAID:7159 alt_id: MP:0000516 alt_id: SAEL:116 alt_id: WBbt:0005736 alt_id: ZFA:0000163 alt_id: XAO:0000143 alt_id: TADS:0000162 alt_id: TAO:0000163 alt_id: EHDAA:5901 alt_id: EMAPA:17366 related_synonym: "excretory system" [] related_synonym: "urinary system" [] synonym: "renal/urinary system" [] relationship: broader MAT:0000001 [Term] id: MAT:0000391 name: animal stage namespace: http\:// relationship: broader MAT:0000389 [Term] id: MAT:0000409 name: leaf development stages namespace: http\:// alt_id: PO:0001050 alt_id: GRO:0007138 relationship: broader MAT:0000390 [Term] id: MAT:0000124 name: egg - unfertilized namespace: http\:// alt_id: FBbt:00015288 alt_id: MA:0000388 alt_id: MP:0006361 alt_id: SAEL:114 alt_id: ZFA:0009008 alt_id: TGMA:0000124 related_synonym: "female gamete" [] related_synonym: "unfertiized egg" [] relationship: broader MAT:0000028 [Term] id: MAT:0000497 name: ventricle namespace: http\:// alt_id: FMAID:82553 alt_id: EHDAA:1900 alt_id: EMAPA:17331 alt_id: ZFA:0000009 alt_id: EV:0100020 alt_id: MA:0000091 alt_id: MFO:0080920 alt_id: TAO:0000009 synonym: "cardiac ventricle" [] synonym: "heart ventricle" [] relationship: broader MAT:0000036 [Term] id: MAT:0000304 name: early tissues namespace: http\:// relationship: broader MAT:0000019 [Term] id: MAT:0000224 name: shoot meristem - apical namespace: http\:// alt_id: PO:0020148 alt_id: ZEA:0015151 relationship: broader MAT:0000006 relationship: broader MAT:0000009 [Term] id: MAT:0000320 name: fruiting body namespace: http\:// alt_id: DDANA:0000012 alt_id: FAO:0000007 related_synonym: "sporocarp" [] relationship: broader MAT:0000002 [Term] id: MAT:0000336 name: mushroom body namespace: http\:// alt_id: FBbt:00005801 relationship: broader MAT:0000098 [Term] id: MAT:0000091 name: autopod namespace: http\:// def: "The generic name for hand\, paw\, foot etc" [] alt_id: EV:0100452 alt_id: MA:0002714 alt_id: MP:0004271 alt_id: SAEL:41 alt_id: SAEL:45 related_synonym: "foot" [] related_synonym: "hand" [] related_synonym: "paw" [] relationship: broader MAT:0000090 [Term] id: MAT:0000036 name: heart namespace: http\:// alt_id: EV:0100018 alt_id: FBbt:00003154 alt_id: FMAID:7088 alt_id: MFO:0080860 alt_id: MP:0000266 alt_id: SAEL:47 alt_id: ZFA:0000114 alt_id: XAO:0000064 alt_id: TADS:0000147 alt_id: TAO:0000114 alt_id: EHDAA:420 alt_id: EMAPA:16105 alt_id: MA:0000072 relationship: broader MAT:0000016 [Term] id: MAT:0000487 name: dorsal namespace: http\:// relationship: broader MAT:0000483 [Term] id: MAT:0000144 name: cochlea namespace: http\:// alt_id: EV:0100363 alt_id: FMAID:60201 alt_id: MA:0000240 alt_id: MP:0000031 alt_id: SAEL:21 alt_id: XAO:0000197 alt_id: EHDAA:4716 alt_id: EMAPA:17597 relationship: broader MAT:0000138 [Term] id: MAT:0000109 name: thalamus namespace: http\:// alt_id: EV:0100195 alt_id: FMAID:62007 alt_id: MA:0000179 alt_id: MP:0000832 alt_id: SAEL:105 alt_id: ZFA:0001215 alt_id: TAO:0001215 alt_id: EHDAA:3482 alt_id: EMAPA:17540 broad_synonym: "future thalamus" [] relationship: broader MAT:0000105 [Term] id: MAT:0000443 name: lymph vessel namespace: http\:// alt_id: FMAID:30315 alt_id: XAO:0000375 alt_id: MA:0000138 alt_id: TAO:0005105 synonym: "lymphatic vessel" [] relationship: broader MAT:0000197 [Term] id: MAT:0000451 name: tectum namespace: http\:// alt_id: FMAID:83902 alt_id: MFO:0080060 alt_id: EMAPA:19051 alt_id: MA:0000211 alt_id: ZFA:0001353 alt_id: TAO:0001353 relationship: broader MAT:0000106 [Term] id: MAT:0000029 name: reproductive system - male namespace: http\:// alt_id: EV:0100101 alt_id: FBbt:00004927 alt_id: FMAID:45664 alt_id: MA:0000396 alt_id: MP:0001145 alt_id: WBbt:0005574 alt_id: ZFA:0000242 alt_id: XAO:0000155 alt_id: TADS:0000460 alt_id: EHDAA:8136 alt_id: EMAPA:17968 related_synonym: "male genital system" [] related_synonym: "male reproductive system" [] synonym: "male genitalia" [] synonym: "male" [] relationship: broader MAT:0000305 [Term] id: MAT:0000425 name: SAEL CV (SAEL) namespace: http\:// relationship: broader MAT:0000373 [Term] id: MAT:0000491 name: proximal namespace: http\:// relationship: broader MAT:0000483 [Term] id: MAT:0000489 name: left namespace: http\:// relationship: broader MAT:0000483 [Term] id: MAT:0000107 name: hindbrain namespace: http\:// alt_id: FMAID:67687 alt_id: MA:0000195 alt_id: MFO:0002340 alt_id: MP:0000841 alt_id: SAEL:50 alt_id: ZFA:0000029 alt_id: XAO:0000015 alt_id: TAO:0000029 alt_id: EHDAA:3514 alt_id: EMAPA:16916 synonym: "rhombencephalon" [] relationship: broader MAT:0000098 [Term] id: MAT:0000366 name: storage organ namespace: http\:// relationship: broader MAT:0000003 [Term] id: MAT:0000395 name: hindlimb namespace: http\:// alt_id: EV:0100015 alt_id: FMAID:7184 alt_id: MA:0000026 alt_id: SAEL:49 alt_id: XAO:0003031 alt_id: EHDAA:6094 alt_id: EMAPA:17458 synonym: "lower limb" [] relationship: broader MAT:0000090 [Term] id: MAT:0000322 name: aggregation territory namespace: http\:// alt_id: DDANAT:0000003 relationship: broader MAT:0000002 [Term] id: MAT:0000445 name: olfactory epithelium namespace: http\:// alt_id: FMAID:59746 alt_id: XAO:0000041 alt_id: EMAPA:17606 alt_id: MA:0001325 alt_id: EHDAA:6805 alt_id: TAO:0000554 alt_id: ZFA:0000554 synonym: "" [] relationship: broader MAT:0000139 [Term] id: MAT:0000370 name: tadpole namespace: http\:// alt_id: XAO:1000008 relationship: broader MAT:0000019 [Term] id: MAT:0000083 name: blood cells namespace: http\:// alt_id: MA:0000059 alt_id: MP:0002429 alt_id: SAEL:8 alt_id: ZFA:0009043 alt_id: TAO:0009044 related_synonym: "circulating cell" [] broad_synonym: "blood" [] relationship: broader MAT:0000022 [Term] id: MAT:0000278 name: paired fin skeleton namespace: http\:// alt_id: TAO:0000027 alt_id: ZFA:0000027 relationship: broader MAT:0000032 [Term] id: MAT:0000332 name: mating cell namespace: http\:// alt_id: FAO:0001022 relationship: broader MAT:0000014 [Term] id: MAT:0000228 name: seed coat namespace: http\:// alt_id: PO:0009088 relationship: broader MAT:0000008 [Term] id: MAT:0000324 name: mid culminant namespace: http\:// alt_id: DDANAT:0000010 relationship: broader MAT:0000002 [Term] id: MAT:0000368 name: corm namespace: http\:// relationship: broader MAT:0000366 [Term] id: MAT:0000447 name: nasopharynx namespace: http\:// alt_id: FMAID:54878 alt_id: EHDAA:7086 alt_id: MA:0000351 relationship: broader MAT:0000049 [Term] id: MAT:0000441 name: Minimal Anatomical Terminology namespace: http\:// [Term] id: MAT:0000372 name: xenopus (XAO) namespace: http\:// relationship: broader MAT:0000373 [Term] id: MAT:0000085 name: spleen namespace: http\:// alt_id: EV:0100055 alt_id: FMAID:7196 alt_id: MA:0000141 alt_id: MFO:0003100 alt_id: MP:0000689 alt_id: SAEL:101 alt_id: ZFA:0000436 alt_id: XAO:0000328 alt_id: TAO:0000436 alt_id: EMAPA:18767 relationship: broader MAT:0000022 [Term] id: MAT:0000093 name: stylopod namespace: http\:// def: "The proximal part of the limb (e.g. between shoulder and elbow)" [] alt_id: MA:0002717 broad_synonym: "proximal part of limb" [] relationship: broader MAT:0000090 [Typedef] id: isReferenceForMapping name: isReferenceForMapping [Typedef] id: time_component_of name: time_component_of [Typedef] id: type name: type [Typedef] id: descends name: descends [Typedef] id: present_in name: present_in [Typedef] id: hasMapping name: hasMapping [Typedef] id: startStage name: startStage [Typedef] id: subEventOf name: subEventOf [Typedef] id: DESCINHERM name: DESCINHERM [Typedef] id: broader name: broader [Typedef] id: ends_at name: ends_at [Typedef] id: located_in name: located_in [Typedef] id: narrower name: narrower [Typedef] id: part_of name: part_of [Typedef] id: starts_at name: starts_at [Typedef] id: DESCENDENTOF name: DESCENDENTOF [Typedef] id: endStage name: endStage [Typedef] id: DESCINMALE name: DESCINMALE [Typedef] id: develops_from name: develops_from