Mouse Genome DatabaseVarious phenotype data sources; curated
Mouse Phenome Database Baseline data on inbred mouse lines
EuroPhenome Baseline data on inbred mouse lines
RIKEN Baseline data on inbred mouse lines
Genenetwork Quantitative traits
GSCAN Quantitative traits
EMPReSS Phenotyping procedures
RIKEN Phenotyping procedures
IMSR Mouse strains
MMdb Mouse models of immune processes and immunological diseases
Neuromice Mouse strains
MusBanks Mouse strains
Visible Mouse Whole body MRI images
EMAP Atlas of mouse development
GenePaint Atlas of day 14.5 embryo anatomy

Gene expression in mouse embryos
EurExpress In situ gene expression patterns inTS23 embryos
PathBase Mouse pathology images
Skinbase Skin histopathology images
caIMAGE Images of cancers
Histology atlas of the mouse mammary glandImages and descriptions
MTB Mouse tumor biology resource
Mouse Brain Library Brain sections from mouse strains
Mouse Atlas Project MRI images of adult and developing mouse brain
Brain Maps Mouse brain images and 3D reconstructions
Comparative Mammalian Brain CollectionBrain images
High Resolution Mouse Brain AtlasBrain images
GXD Gene expression
Allen Brain Atlas In situ gene expression images of mouse brain
GenSat EGFP imaging of gene expression
Emage Gene expression images for mouse embryos
GUDMAP Gene expression in the developing kidney and genitourinary tract
BIRN Anatomy and gene expression data sets
ArrayExpress Microarray gene expression data
GEO Microarray gene expression data
Stanford Microarray DatabaseMicroarray gene expression data
BodyMap-Xs EST gene expression database
EUMODIC High throughput phenotyping project
EUCOMM High throughput project
KOMP High throughput project
NORCOMM High throughput project
Human-Mouse Gene SearcherLinks genes associated with model organism phenotypes and human disease
PhenomicDB Phenotype and genotype data from a number of species